While browsing the forum I pondered about TEC cooling and stumbled upon this section.

Every now and then, I get an itch for this type of cooling. It's a challenge to say the least!

So here I'd like to share with some of you guys a project I had done not too terribly long ago at ClassicPlatforms. It involves a pretty good sized TEC 40mm with 135w cooling capacity.

Testing 2 processors on what most would call a low end not capable motherboard and some freezing temps. In short, shutting down cores, enable some above average clock speeds at frozen usable temps beyond what most air or liquid coolers could do. A small demonstration of low volt overclocking with 8 cores shows just how hot can actually run. The main goal was to keep the processor frozen more over trying to get a high clock speed with 8 cores, even if that mean shutting down cores along the way. So try not to read into what 8 cores can do rather than what only a couple could do frozen all along the way.

In all this was a fun test for a TEC and FX processors! Shocked myself with some of the outcomes of a frozen FX processor. Hope you enjoy the read.


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