I just had one of my tried and true NEC 30" IPS montors die on me. Good night, sweet prince. I cant' stand dealing with a single 1600p monitor, so I need at least another 1600p replacement.

I'm considering picking up a Korean AH-IPS 1600P 30" or waiting for AOC to release their 21:9 3440x1440 beast of a monitor. The LG variant is $1250+ to import & I can hang on a little while longer if the AOC is worth it. I've read a few threads about people having Korean monitors die on them after 1 or 2 years & that worries me.

I do a lot of research, so I typically have anywhere between 20 & 40 tabs open. Having real estate to show 3 to 6 web pages at a time is a must. I also game, but I don't play on using more than one monitor. The AOC should be able to scale correctly (I've seen the LG variant do that & they both use the same panel), so I don't see scaling as an issue.

I've done LLL before & got sick of having to turn my head. PLP would be a nice option, but it's very hard to source 20" monitors for the set up w/ a 30" main & I'd rather not get into using 15" laptop monitors w/ a 27" main either. Basically, I can go back to my old dual 1600p set up or get a 3440x1440 + 2560x1600 as a new set up.

In case anyone hasn't seen the AOC, here it is:

What do you guys think?