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Thread: Did EVGA just Steal the Rivatuner RTSS design concept into PrecisionX 15 ? - GURU3D

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    Did EVGA just Steal the Rivatuner RTSS design concept into PrecisionX 15 ? - GURU3D

    EVGA today is launching a new build of PrecisionX, this will be build 15. EVGA has made a move to developing the tweaking utility in-house, meaning they will cut ties with the previous developing programmer. By itself interesting news, but unfortunately this has to be the most awkward story I have ever written in the history of Did EVGA copy the entire Rivatuner design and features concept from the original programmer ? Read more after the break (update #4)

    As most of you guys know, Unwinder up-to this point developed EVGA's PrecisionX of the overclocking software. Basically EVGA licensed the use of the Rivatuner Core overclocking / tweaking elements. EVGA has been working for over half a year on their in-house developed version of PrecisionX. Developing a tweaking tool in-house was an unusual yet understandable choice from EVGA's business point of view. Especially as these days creating tweaking software for GeForce Graphics cards with the latest revisions of NVIDIA's API this is fairly a do-able task. The new PrecisionX will be restricted to GeForce Graphics cards only and will bring all the features of the older build as well as minor tweaks to the UI and 64-bit overlay support.

    Over the past months or so here at have been watching this development closely, as with this build EVGA departs from the old overclock infrastructure based on the Rivatuner core engine from Alexey aka Unwinder. So make no mistake this is correct, PrecisionX software is no longer created or licensed though from Unwinder. Some will love that, some will hate that.
    Did EVGA just Steal the Rivatuner RTSS design concept into PrecisionX 15 ?

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    Yes they did!!!

    IF this was a forum user they would get a ban, but this is a company that just took what they wanted and they deserve a LIFETIME BOYCOTT.

    You can read Uniwinder's responses at This is just sad. If you buy EVGA you are supporting this kind of action from a Corporation.

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    this cannot actually be a real thing occuring
    so a guy that develops free software for gpu overclocking got paid.
    and now he is claiming propirate tory the UI.
    of a tool he developed on contract for evga. so that a whole new user base benefits from his tool. riva tuner under another name.
    fames and fortunes followed by the celeb style gossip and copyright acts.

    Sure hope this stops and he just sits back and enjoys all his effort and hard work being now part of every evga users computer. else evga and msi might just join up and use that tool instead ...
    or did that already occur.

    Oh well. if rivatuner didn't update it for the money for evga. maybe we'd never see this money driven support in riva tuner either apparently. and all be using msi's tool on our not msi product. cause it rocks on my amd laptop lol for 3d testing like ati tool once did for me.

    if rivatuner didn't make it. anyone else would , for free. as we all obvserved and experienced over the lifetime of gpus. and to boycott evga. over design of the tool that rivatuner guy made money from. while i know it became LACKING and useless of a tool for me recents with my gpu usages of it. maybe the tool would be completely dead now and replace.

    or in keywords summary.
    whines about ui cloned and exe cloned

    as he didn't produce anything for evga and just updated rivatuner for the evga cards and benefited himself. and complains that evga used it as he provided to them on contract?
    doing for his fans of riva tuner the stuff for the money from evga. and now complains about what he provided evga on contract being used as he provided? to meet contract.

    oh so the contract stated give us a working tool for this and that, he did that for riva tuner. evga copied that. and now he complains cause they got what they paid him to do in the end. and says, they were not allowed to use the same appearence. well if he did what they asked. maybe it would have worked outside of that compiled exe and ui. they had to clone to get what they paid him for . in contract.

    no in the end. if EVGA is shutting down rivatuners website and saying they own it. ya whine then. til then. they did him a solid.
    they could have just waited for him to update the software for free if ever. and linked up these free softwares instead of bundled software. like everyone else in the free world.

    and have nvidia update their drivers to do what. ati created with this voltage power curve on the r290's software. all i can see as evga's reasoning to fund this guy at all. which is probally over now. with this spectical.
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    vaow if they really did this... i couldn't find a word

    When i'm being paid i always do my job through.

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    They got infected by Nvidia's mindset of standing alone and not giving a damn.
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    We just received word from EVGA that they are taking down PrecisionX 15 as download (it will take a few days for steam) and that they will go back to the drawing table with their utility. We have more details and a statement after the break.
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    I wonder if the new blingy GUI interface will be less crap than the old one was? It was almost unusable. Lasted maybe an hour on my system, tops.
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    Software is terrible. They added achievements and the statistics server is trash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg83 View Post
    this cannot actually be a real thing occuring...
    Your understanding of this is greatly flawed and you might want to re-research this.



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