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Thread: upgrade of PC

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    upgrade of PC

    So, nothing news at AMD, maybe FX Vishera is the last one enthusiast CPU. Unfortunatelly. So for glory I must change few components. My old work PC was Visheras, new is Vishera too. But..

    Old one:
    FX-8350 1229PGN, great one, 5700+ validation with 20 C ambients, 5 GHz stable for 30 minutes
    Corsair H100, very loud pump after almost 3 years
    Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z 990FX
    Asus HD6870 DirectCu TOP
    2x 4GB GSkill TridentX 2400 MHz cl10
    Many HHD+1x SSD HyperX 3K 240 GB

    So, I wanted clean CPU and after few months installing bought new cooler and GPU. New components for upgrade were Saphire R9-270X Toxic, yes, I have Asus version too but Asus I need for benchmarking and writing the reviews.
    Next component is Swiftech H220 allinone liquid cooling. I bought two Corsair fans into the case. And I was thinking some time for CPU...Ok, I wanna try FX-9590 in my daily setup . Good one, not the best. 1.4 V and 4700 MHz seems not bad for me.

    lovely Swiftech

    Cleaning and remounting old components. I was surprised about dusts in radiator...And Ultra Kaze 3000rpm as bonus fan

    There is old one HD 6870

    You can see my PSU :-)

    FX-9590 1327PGS

    CPU block is at CPU, now snap the radiator

    PC need GPU

    New PC is finish

    And performance? Old one I used ussualy at decent settings, I tested new 3D Mark Sky Diver:

    With new settings, thanks to GPU mainly, the score is double almost.

    ROG Power PCs - Intel and AMD
    CPUs:i9-7900X, i9-9900K, i7-6950X, i7-5960X, i7-8086K, i7-8700K, 4x i7-7700K, i3-7350K, 2x i7-6700K, i5-6600K, R7-2700X, 4x R5 2600X, R5 2400G, R3 1200, R7-1800X, R7-1700X, 3x AMD FX-9590, 1x AMD FX-9370, 4x AMD FX-8350,1x AMD FX-8320,1x AMD FX-8300, 2x AMD FX-6300,2x AMD FX-4300, 3x AMD FX-8150, 2x AMD FX-8120 125 and 95W, AMD X2 555 BE, AMD x4 965 BE C2 and C3, AMD X4 970 BE, AMD x4 975 BE, AMD x4 980 BE, AMD X6 1090T BE, AMD X6 1100T BE, A10-7870K, Athlon 845, Athlon 860K,AMD A10-7850K, AMD A10-6800K, A8-6600K, 2x AMD A10-5800K, AMD A10-5600K, AMD A8-3850, AMD A8-3870K, 2x AMD A64 3000+, AMD 64+ X2 4600+ EE, Intel i7-980X, Intel i7-2600K, Intel i7-3770K,2x i7-4770K, Intel i7-3930KAMD Cinebench R10 challenge AMD Cinebench R15 thread Intel Cinebench R15 thread

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    Nice Upgrade there Michael , I like it , easy to do and expandable in the future if you want to add another water-block and more radiators. I had the same problem on a triple rad I had on a custom h2o loop , that pc was on my garage and I accumulated dust for a year and forgot about cleaning the rad until I started having bsod with cpu at stock , it was much worse than yours , fully cover in dust from top to bottom and no air would pass thru the triple rad , we better start cleaning our radiators more often bro

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