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Thread: Flankers OC of Intel core i7-4790K Devils Canyon

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    Final day with OC tests is here. Finally. You finally see that. And of course, some power consumption of PC after OC.

    I like ROG many years. I switched to ROG boards since 2008 and after these years Im happy with quality, BIOS and features. So today:

    Maximus VII Hero
    Gelid Tranquillo+Delta fan 4000rpm
    Asus R9-270X DC II
    2x 4GB HyperX Fury 1866 MHz XMP (in OC tests are overclocked too)
    HyperX SSD
    Corsair AX1200 1200W Gold

    The motherboard is hungry for CPU

    And also for GPU

    I overclocked CPU up to 4732 MHz with Vcore voltage almost 1.4V. Its a lot? Is it enough? I think is it average OC for benchmarks for 4790K. This clocks are not full stable in OCCT or so, but its OK for all benchmarks test here. Concurrently is not possible cool it 24/7 with aircooling in stress loading. I think with very good AIR or allinone liquid cooler you can use around 1.35 V. This is around +0.1 V more than before with 4770K (thermal paste at chip). But changing the CPU from i7-4770K to 4790K is non sense. Only in this case - you are hard Intel enthusiast or you have very bad i7-4770K (4200 MHz max stable with good cooler). If I actually picked a new i7, take the new 4790K.
    And where is the hard stability? I had no time try it. Its very time consumed for me because I wanna every 0.1 MHz BCLK get to the final stability and back up to BIOS settings, change something and again the test etc...But I estimate frequency around 4600-4650 MHz

    And now finally the benchamrks at 4732MHz and 1.39V Vcore.

    Power consumption of PC (up described) without the monitor in Cinebench R15 is over 260 W. Thats not bad but at the same time not excelent. Its more than I measured at FX-8350 or i7-3930K, still lower 35 W than FX-9590.

    Nothing too practice, SuperPi today is just a good example of gross x87 performance without modern optimization.
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache superpi 1M=7.738s
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache superpi 32M=6m 52.090s

    Multicore Pi is better in effectivity
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache multithreadPi 80k=20.444s

    Not much known test Processing power
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache procesing power

    x264 FHD over 30 FPS! This is an excellent result, they themselves try it on yours home machine spreads and when you reach it around 20 FPS, generally have very good computer.
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache x264FHD = 30.07fps

    HWbot prime test
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache prime=6109b

    wprime is also very quick with this CPU and OC.
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache wprime1024M=156,344s

    In Wprime you cna try single thread performance, enough is 32M result
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache wprime32M singlethread

    Winrar with cache and OC RAM over 2400 MHz is over magical 10 000 Kb/s. Awesome.
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache winrar=10 210kbs

    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache 7zip

    Over 18k points in Fritzchess,simply wow for 8 threads
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache fritzchess=18 396b

    I like Cinebenchs benchmarks.
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache Cinebench R11.5=10.36b
    i7-4790K@4726MHz 4424cache Cinebench R15= 958b

    AIDA CPU ZLIB, Queen, Hash, AES
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache aida Zlib
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache AIDA queen
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache AIDA CPU Hash
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache aida AES

    Memory nad cache subtest, Intel is excelent here!
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache aida memory

    Gaming tests at 4732 MHz (GPU stock)
    UT3 benchmark, better +3 FPS
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache UT3=337.11FPS

    3D Mark11 Performance
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache 3DMark11=P8880

    3D Mark Fire Strike
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache 3DMark Fire Strike=5625b

    Unigine Valley
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache unigine valley

    Sniper Elite is very demanding game on the highest settings, only 23 FPS, OC helped over one FPS
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache sniper elite=23FPS

    Far Cry II scales well with most of processors, help itself OC same type of processor? And I think so
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache Far Cry II=203,61FPS

    AVP benchmark
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache AVP=78.5FPS

    Maximum OC for Superpi and memory
    After this category, each right Overclocker pushes CPU beyond limits, at least where it goes shorter SuperPi run and then validating. You can agree with it or you do not, for us, it's fun. Although the system can be in few seconds in BSOD is important to us see the numbers, the maximum clocks. Most mortals do not understand this, but this is my subjective opinion. They do not have the right experience and passion get the limits in competitions. Who to sniff once, hardly give up this hobby.
    Longer Superpi 32M with 5 GHz was impossible, I got later or sooner BSOD...4C/4T was OK, with 2C/2T was CPU more unstable :-/..Interesting. In 32M I got "only" 4913 MHz.
    i7-4790K@4913MHz 4412 superpi 32m=6m 35.382s

    Superpi 1M 4933 MHz with 1.45V
    i7-4790K@4933MHz 4430 superpi 1m=7.41s

    Superpi at 5027 MHz 1.55 V
    i7-4790K@5027MHz 4424 superpi 1m=7.160s

    5128 MHz OC
    i7-4790K@5128MHz idle

    I finally got the CPU for a few seconds to 5141 MHz with voltage 1.555V. For idle you cna be safe with 1.55 V, dont worry. Of course, you dont boot at 1.55V, example you are booting with 1.4 V and 47x and others settings doing in OS with software.
    i7-4790K@5141MHz idle air!
    i7-4790K@ 5141 MHZ 1.555V validace air

    Memory overclocking ? From basic 1866 MHz I got over 2666 MHz with 1.65 V! Excelent for cheap HyperX Fury.
    i7-4790K@4812MHz 4511cache RAM 2672 MHz

    Finally, a little humor here or there can be a beautiful bug. i7-4770K the last place from all processors. Atom is too strong
    i7-4790K@4732MHz 4430cache aida bug lol

    Hope, you like this minireview. Next time with LN2 and A10-7850K
    ROG Power PCs - Intel and AMD
    CPUs:i9-7900X, i9-9900K, i7-6950X, i7-5960X, i7-8086K, i7-8700K, 4x i7-7700K, i3-7350K, 2x i7-6700K, i5-6600K, R7-2700X, 4x R5 2600X, R5 2400G, R3 1200, R7-1800X, R7-1700X, 3x AMD FX-9590, 1x AMD FX-9370, 4x AMD FX-8350,1x AMD FX-8320,1x AMD FX-8300, 2x AMD FX-6300,2x AMD FX-4300, 3x AMD FX-8150, 2x AMD FX-8120 125 and 95W, AMD X2 555 BE, AMD x4 965 BE C2 and C3, AMD X4 970 BE, AMD x4 975 BE, AMD x4 980 BE, AMD X6 1090T BE, AMD X6 1100T BE, A10-7870K, Athlon 845, Athlon 860K,AMD A10-7850K, AMD A10-6800K, A8-6600K, 2x AMD A10-5800K, AMD A10-5600K, AMD A8-3850, AMD A8-3870K, 2x AMD A64 3000+, AMD 64+ X2 4600+ EE, Intel i7-980X, Intel i7-2600K, Intel i7-3770K,2x i7-4770K, Intel i7-3930KAMD Cinebench R10 challenge AMD Cinebench R15 thread Intel Cinebench R15 thread

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    nice work !

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    Im 100% sure you dont need 140% cpu current in DIGI+.

    In DIGI+ Leave LLC and the rest at auto, change only this cpu current to 130% and maybe ram current 110-120%.

    Also by cpu power settings tab disable iVR fault management

    And disable SVID control,
    now manually enter main input voltage - I think its eventual by ROG mobos (stock is ~ 1.79v)

    You can use adaptive cache voltage instead of offset, set min to 40 and max to 44. You really need 1.34v for it? Im ok at 1.17v on mine @ 44x.

    Vccsa - system agent voltage, can be lower too ~ 0.060v is more then enough. With small sys ram OC you will definitely need ram current @ 120%.
    Im OCing from 2133 to 2400 and yeah it needs 120%. Same by 2666mhz CL11, but I saw 2400mhz CL10 gives me best ram bandwidth, like by you 35.7gb/s.

    Keep IO analog & digital at auto, those can be very picky by stability. Usually only for ram OC and even then its best at auto.

    Also LOWER PCH voltage, you definitely dont need 1.10v, 1.050v is stock, even 1.075v is over the top, this isnt LGA775 anymore where you need to overvolt north bridge ^^

    btw why antisurge off? Isn't that for usb etc, I never turned if off and I own this z87 & 4770k for 1 year now..

    Here for comparison is one older screen of x264FHD bench @ 4.7ghz cache 4.1ghz & ram OC 2400mhz

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    Thank you for the screenshots and video Flank. Very good reference for my project. Do you have a screenshot of the "Internal CPU Power Management" settings by chance?
    M7H (1002) | i7-4790K @ 4.8ghz @ 1.366v | cache @ 4.6ghz @ 1.309v |16gb (2x8) Xtreem @ DDR3-2666 (11-13-13-35-1T) | GTX 770 | AX860 PSU

    CVF-Z (2002) | FX-8350 @ 4.6ghz @ 1.4875v | cpu/nb @ 2600 @ 1.275v | ht @ 2600 | 8gb (2x4) Redlines (996997) @ DDR3-2133 (9-11-10-28-1T) | GTX570 | 850Z PSU

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