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Thread: 175000 files to recover from crashed 2x3TB hard Drives

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    175000 files to recover from crashed 2x3TB hard Drives

    Worst DISATOR to hit me.............

    The mirrored 2x3TB drive WD RED have a bit of a problem.........they can not be read and appear blank!!!!!!!!
    I am using MS Mirror option so both drives act as one but they BOTH failed for some reason

    These are 15 years worth of Digital camera photographs, including wedding and 6 years worth of my son

    I do have the contents BACKED up onto a NAS and external Drive. ALL I can say is BACKUP BACKUP and then KEEP another BACKUP copy. I just want to make sure I have not lost anything AT ALL.

    Looks like EaseUS Data Recovery Software is pulling all the files off the drives, but not in the Original folders with titles and dates. So it looks like I will have all my photos in one folder, AVIs in another folder, MP4 in another folder and MOV into another folder.

    ANYBODY know of any software that will recover the files in their original folders and date TAGS! Or do I have to carry my system down to the local WD agent for them to try an recover the files and folders in their original form.
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    Wow that is truly awful luck, are you sure they are both not bricked.

    Have you tried Recuva as thats a pretty good piece of software, not sure if it does what you want though.

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    Try Recuva or GetDataBack

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