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Thread: [TR] AMD reveals K12: New ARM and x86 cores are coming

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    Quote Originally Posted by lutjens View Post
    I wonder how a hybrid chip will really perform for each instruction set. Will one instruction set run better than the other, or will the presence of the other drag performance of the other down? If they can pull it off (which would be surprising), I'll be truly amazed. It would probably need some kind of special hybrid OS as well, something that runs x86 as well as ARM code, and I wonder how willing Microsoft would be to design that, rather than force a machine with a K12 to choose between the OSes for each instruction set. i can just imagine the drivers for such a hybrid OS...would be interesting to see how they'd do it.

    So many hurdles not even counting those in the CPU itself and so many unanswered questions...
    They are not planning to have both ARM and x86 cores on the same die. Either or.
    It's only the socket and the chipset that remain the same for both architectures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayhall0315 View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by zalbard View Post
    They are not planning to have both ARM and x86 cores on the same die. Either or.
    It's only the socket and the chipset that remain the same for both architectures.
    My bad...I didn't read the article in enough detail....what I skimmed made it seem like they were putting both on one chip...
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    They should still have a Cortex A5 (or similar) on the chip for TrustZone support, not available for another OS but still there.

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    Speaking if excavator. It will appear in 2015 in APU. Codenamed Carrizo and Toronto.
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