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Thread: Inexpensive RAID 5 server/HTPC?

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    Inexpensive RAID 5 server/HTPC?

    Hi all,

    I decided to go the proper route for storing all of my movies/pictures/data and build a RAID 5 server. Currently I just have a collaboration of random drives (totalling around 8TB, of which 6TB is used) and am nervous about a failure.

    I know software RAID 5 is an option in Windows Server 2008 but I think a hardware solution is probably better. Now, I have no experience with server hardware and was curious if anyone has a suggestion regarding an inexpensive server board/setup that has a RAID 5 capable board or controller. Or, what cheap RAID cards are out there for basic needs like mine? I know there are some CHEAP options for this kind of stuff on eBay/Craiglist, I just don't know exactly what to look for.

    Things to note:
    -Form factor does not matter
    -Will be using 4-5 SATA drives (2 or 3TB probably, whatever I find cheap)
    -Speed doesn't really matter, just used for streaming movies over the network and storage

    Some sort of NAS box could work too if there is a dummy proof way to set one up and access the storage via Windows 7/8.1 computers and manage torrents on it.
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    Heve a look at Synology 1813+

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