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Thread: is there a program that does this?

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    is there a program that does this?

    Ok, please bare with me:

    Click to view full size!

    The above pic would be the GUI for an app I would LOVE to have!
    Across the top are the available connections on a PC - obviously it would vary with each PC!

    The GREEN lines separating the connections represent the fact that they can be side shifted to vary the incoming internet bandwidth.

    There would also be an option to differentiate/choose which connection can connect to WAN (internet) or only be used for local traffic (LAN).

    At the bottom are apps - virtually every running app on the PC, that requires internet or network access. One simply click-holds on an app & then drags it to the connection they want that app to use.

    Apps with GREEN sides are apps that the program itself is smart enough to recognise as having the ability to be applied to more than one connection - in this example I have used the name of my VPN provider - Torguard. So say I wanted to apply a single instance of torguard/VPN to connection Ethernet 1 & 2 - I would simply drag it to E1 then click-hold its side & drag/spread it across to E2; the VPN service would now be active on those two connections. Alternatively each instance of torgaurd/VPN can be dragged from the bottom multiple times to each connection desired. Multiple instances of torguard/VPN would be do-able.

    Anything out there similar in nature?
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    Sounds like you want some sort of graphing interface for your app's network connection paths.
    I don't know of anything like that though.

    You can do it manually though maybe.

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    I don't know if there is a program to do this.

    This is usually done at the app level i.e. the app your using (such as bit torrent client, etc.) binds to a particular adapter when it creates the socket. But again this would require the app your using to support this functionality.

    Looks like this bt client supports binding to an interface.
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