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Thread: Udimms for servers ??

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    Udimms for servers ??

    Maybe you guys saw MM's bclk overclocked Supermicro duallie.

    Supermicro have very few qualified ram kits that are guaranteed to work at higher speeds.... The list looks like this:

    My question is:

    looking at those in the list for Sandy bridge one sees variants of the same ram that are registered and unregistered. Does anyone recognise anything in the list for Ivy Bridge that might have an unregistered equivalent ??

    The search is on to find unregistered non ECC ram that will run with IB processors.

    Open to suggestions here
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    UDIMM with or without ECC? If you're looking for the latter, I'd pick something like Kingston or Crucial 8GB sticks rated for as fast as I could find at 1.35V (LV). The LV stuff should be a grade or two better than the non-LV stuff...and increase the chances of running at the higher speed.
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