Call of Duty: Ghosts - Intel HD Graphics 4600 - Intel i7-4770S (Haswell):

I finally got CoD: Ghosts to work on my HTPC/SFF (small form factor) build! This build is running without a dedicated video card, all of the graphical horsepower is being churned out by the CPU. Those of you with a laptop, notebook, etc. lacking a dedicated video card, that are wondering if this game will run ok for you, expect similar results.

There have been a few patches to this game. So, Instead of waiting 20 minutes in between menus and loading screens, I only had to wait 10! What an improvement! At this rate, we'll be able to test every single setting--without waiting several hours in between menus and loading screens--by the time Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Ghosts Ops is out!