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Thread: Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 case EATX? I Don't think so.

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    Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 case EATX? I Don't think so.

    Luckily the 540 I have here is for another build but in the blurb it stated that this is supposed to be E-ATX compatible (seems pretty clear to me) BUT it is not drilled for EATX standoff pattern.

    The Board, in this instance a Supermicro X9Dai, does fit in the space but needs the motherboard tray to be drilled and tapped before any eatx motherboard can be fitted. Although I shall not be further testing this I would say it is touch and go whether or not the standoff for the front of case bottom corner can even be fitted due too the position of the cable cutouts in the tray

    I would guess the clearance between the front fan mounting plate and the motherboard to be ~15-20mm and as such folks wanting to mount EATX will need to swap out the corsair fans and fit 120mm versions instead of 140mm.

    Unless there are different versions of this case that I am unaware of, may I respectfully suggest that the information and specification pages for this case be annotated to make it clear that fitting an eatx MB is only possible with some effort in modding the basic unit..... Which is a damned shame because this just seems to be something easily fixed during the manufacturing process.
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