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Thread: [Bundymania User Review] CM Storm HAVOC Gaming Mouse

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    Lightbulb [Bundymania User Review] CM Storm HAVOC Gaming Mouse

    Hello everybody,

    it's time again for a new review from my lab. But todays topic is not about any watercoolingpart. Today I want to write about a gaming peripheral. Specifically about CM Storms Havoc gaming-mouse.

    Cooler Master, better known for his computer chasis, since 2008 is also a well known manufacturer in the field of gaming peripherals. This area is in every price category highly competitive. Here CM Storm tries with great quality and good features at a moderate price to score. The strong 8200 DPI sensor already shows where the journey of CM Storms Havoc is going to go. For about 40 ? the CM Storm Havoc gaming mouse moves over the counter.
    However Cooler Master offers under his Storm label not just gaming-mice. They also offer keyboards, mousepads, headsets, gaming chasis and other accessoires.

    The CM Storm Havoc comes in a good looking packaging. On the front is a big picture of the product, a Cooler Master and CM Storm logo and the products name. Also big on the front, the adjustable DPI-value from 100 to 8.200.
    On the back of the box you can see the specifications.
    If you fold the carton, there are images and some features of the mouse on the inside to see.
    You also get a first look at the mouse. Very nice to be in the store have the opportunity to lend a hand without the mouse needs to be unpacked.
    The mouse is securely packaged so that it is well protected from damage during transport.

    Technical data:

    Sensor: Avago ADNS 9800
    DPI: 100 - 8200 dpi
    Weight: 140 g
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 8.5x4.5x12 cm
    Color: Black
    Acceleration: 30 G
    Buttons: 8
    Onboard Memory: 128 KB
    Movement Detection Technology: Laser
    Lenght of cable: 1.8 m (sleeved)
    Used switches: Omron
    Price: 40?

    But not only the packaging makes a very good impression.
    Unpacked makes the mouse from CM Storm a good figure. Their shape it is really very good in the hand, but is optimized therethrough rather for right-handed. Left-handers can even use the mouse, but not nearly as comfortable.
    The upper surface of the mouse is covered with a so-called soft touch lacquer, which feels relatively soft. Behind the wheel are two buttons to adjust the DPI value. Very nice is that on the left mouse button, a kind of four-step progress bar has been built-in, which indicates at what DPI built-in the mouse is currently located. These four stages can be defined in the software, of the CM Storm Havoc before.

    The wheel of the CM Storm Havoc is made of a very soft plastic, so that the slipping of the finger is not actually possible. Also snapping the mouse wheel knows how to please and has a very good haptic feedback.
    Also, the left and right mouse buttons can convince a nice pressure point. CM Storm gives a lifetime of at least 5 million clicks, which promises long-lasting enjoyment of the mouse. Here are performing high quality Omron switches.
    The thumb rest of the mouse is covered with a ribbed rubber, which always ensures a tight grip, so that the mouse in any of the most busy situation can not slide from the fingers. Here are three keys. One of these, the third is provided for switching the profiles. These can be set quite comfortable in the supplied software and assign each a different color, in which the mouse is aglow. All three buttons are easily accessible with the thumb.
    The right side, where the little finger stays, is decorated in black piano lacquer.
    On the back of the CM Storm Havoc there is not much to report. Here a lot of space is taken for the sliding surface, which to glide the mouse but very benefit, namely these are top notch.

    The already mentioned Avago laser sensor does its job absolutely top notch. Each movement is accurately recorded and implemented, no matter how hectic the movements are too.
    However, the CM Storm Havoc makes not only for several hours with the shooter Battlefield 4 a good figure. Also working with her is fun. Whether surfing, or example the image processing. Everything goes very well with her by the hand.

    We come now to the software CM Storm has to offer. The software of the CM Storm Havoc was designed very chic, but also clear. On the first page we find the free key assignment of all mouse buttons. Also, here is a small profile overview to see where each profile you can even assign your own image (eg of a game or an application).
    The second page contains the properties. Here you can set the profile for each different DPI levels, choose the LED mode (if vibrant, always on, always off, or rapid fire), adjust the brightness of the LEDs, and the click properties of the mouse. By clicking Apply, the settings are transferred directly to the mouse and stored in the internal memory. The result of the example set LED mode you can immediately see at the mouse.
    We continue with the macros. Here you can can create, import, delete, and edit your macros.
    Initially, it was mentioned that you can create four profiles, and can move them to the internal memory of the CM Storm Havoc. This is not entirely true. In the software, you also have the point Gameprofiles. Here you can create additional profiles and move them to the internal memory.
    All in all I can say that CM Storm has done everything right with the software. CM Storm could have done it any better


    Cooler Master respectively CM Storm did everything right with the Havoc. Excellent processing, well chosen materials and beautiful features paired with the great software make the CM Storm Havoc a really good gaming mouse. But not just gaming mouse. Also for everyday work on the PC it is very well suited. At a price of 40 ? you can speak confidently of a very good value for money for the CM Storm Havoc.
    In a time when there are mice, which cost more than 100 ?, the CM Storm Havoc is a really great product that Cooler Master has brought to the market here and at a more than fair price.

    My thanks goes to Cooler Master for their kind assistance in this review ,

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    Bundymania, an excellent input device review buddy.

    Please do more in the future with lots of pictures showing all angles including underneath shots as well. We need to see all parts of the mouse before forking out the cash in getting one.

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