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Thread: ML370 g5 fan issue on boot up

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    ML370 g5 fan issue on boot up

    I recently had to replace a motherboard on my ML370 g5. When I reassembled everything and tried to boot it up, I got a 1611 error with Fan 2 and Fan 3 missing(They are there and seated) and the server shuts down due to insufficient cooling being available. When I remove the case while the server is booting up, only Fans 4 and 6 are spinning. If I turn off the server and boot up with the server top off, Fans 4-6 spin up but Fans 1-3 do nothing and the server turns off. I've tried removing and remounting the fan case assembly and that hasn't worked either. So my question is whether the fan cage assembly itself is screwed up, Fans 1-3 are damaged/not working, fan cage assembly and the fans are screwed up, or is it something else?
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    not necc. your case but sometimes the fans plug in their quick release enclosure gets loose and don't mate up properly with the plugs on the board that they're supposed to connect with.

    remove the fans that don't work and one that does and compare how the fan connect sits in that mounting bracket.



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