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Thread: HKEPC Pi Analyzer

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    HKEPC Pi Analyzer

    HKEPC Pi Analyzer

    Pi Analyzer is a Freeware Utility for overclockers to manage their Super Pi score(s) with Screen Capture function. Support Save and Load Result and provide the interval time between each Loop .

    Super PI is used by many overclockers to test the performance and stability of their PC. In the overclocking community, Super PI is a standard benchmark for enthusiasts to compare " world record " pi calculation times and demonstrate their overclocking abilities.

    Version History:
    - Bug fix : Empty table after view comment
    - Add : PNG Format Screenshot Function (F7 Hotkey support)
    - Minor window width fix
    - Check file header before loading it
    - Add comment function. " View->Show Comment " to
    enable it
    - Load Function completed
    - Change main window height when changing superpi
    - Change row height to align with superpi loop results
    - Set default filename to Pi result
    - Add " Enter " Behaviour in the first Combo Box. Jump to
    table when press ENTER.
    - Finished save function.
    - Load function not yet finished. Use notepad instead
    - First HKEPC Pi Analyzer build

    Download Link :
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