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Thread: Worklog: Shark OC Waterbench

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    Worklog: Shark OC Waterbench

    The story starts with me and my OC partner mathiasm87 that overclocks a few times each year under the name Shark OC.

    We tried benching many different things, and bought a lot of equipment in the last few years, but one thing we miss is benching 4 way sli.
    It's not that fun on air and if we should do it on DICE or LN2 then we need 2 more slim pots and need to buy LN2 or DICE each time.

    Instead we decided to build a water cooling rig that also would be cool for events.

    The idea:
    Should be able to take it with us to events
    2 loops (one for cpu and one for gfx)
    The water should be able to be cooled down with a SS unit in the loop
    Have a built in screen for events

    To make this project we found some sponsors

    </b>First of all a big thanks to Aquatuning, without these guys we would never have been able to make this project

    <b>Fractal Design</b>
    Also a big thanks to Fractal Design that sent us a box with 40 fans!

    Right now the plan is to make it in 2 revisions

    Rev. 1. will not run subzero. This is to build the case and check that everything is working.
    Rev. 2. With 2 custom made cobber pieces we should be able to mount a SS unit on each loop. There should also be connecters to remove the rad from the loop so it don't heat up the loop

    I will keep you updated once a week and hope that you guys will give me some feedback so I can make it even better
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    Now it?s time to look at what we have done so far. All the stuff arrived right before I took on holiday for 3 weeks but then there was something to work with when I got home again.

    On the left here you can see the screws that was with the rad, only fit for 38mm fans And Aquatuning want 1 euro for 4 screws in the right lenght for 25mm fans. Why not send them with the rad? The ones to the right I bought for 20 euro incl shipping for 200 pcs here in DK

    And Finally I got some fans mounted! I used 2 hours because I wanted the wires to fit in between the fans! Not a easy task.

    Next week I will build the whole case that will go right under the rads and house a small pc, the psu, all wires and some more cool stuff.

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    Was this meant for the water cooling section?

    If you have a cooling question or concern feel free to contact me.

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