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Thread: Recommendations for Linux Distro for Router/Network Security

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    Recommendations for Linux Distro for Router/Network Security

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    Onboard Gigabit and Intel Gigabit Card

    Looking for a Linux based/Open-Source Firewall OS that offers real time virus scanning, ad-blocking, IPS, IDS, and is Free.

    I put this in this section, because I didn't see another more appropriate section. Thanks.

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    You should try PfSense
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    PfSense for sure. Im currently in the process of trying to get a jetway ITX mobo that has the 4 lan ports on it specifically for a PfSense build.

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    PfSense tend to recommend intel NIC's so when getting a board you get a choice if you then plug in a dual port (or more) NIC

    PfSense is a system that is waaay more capable than I am in setting it all up and there are a whole bunch of plug ins to get the functionality you need if it is not already present.

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    pfSense isn't Linux based, FYI.
    It's also what I would recommend.

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    PFSense for sure. You can also find enterprise DNS / DHCP servers on EBay pretty cheap. I bought a 1u DNS server and ended up installing PFSsense anyhow. Check out some of the Bluecat Networks and IP Control units.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jspace View Post
    pfSense isn't Linux based, FYI.
    It's also what I would recommend.
    It is Berk Unix, so close enough, open source nonetheless. It is a good one, and I like it, have not really found anything better for my uses.
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