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Thread: Modmat Xtreme - By Modright

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    Modmat Xtreme - By Modright

    A little over a month ago I picked up a Modmat Xtreme ($59.99) from FrozenCPU and quite happy with the product, I have seen other cheaper mats at Frys and online and passed on the purchase due to small size or thiner/cheaper material.

    My desk space is large and having a smaller mat was pretty much useless, something would get set set on top of my old mat and lost for months at a time rendering it useless.

    That has changed with the Modmat Xtreme, as it takes up 90% (47" x 23") of my desk space and never gets lost. I tend to clean things off it and use it as intended a bit more often.

    Another thing I noticed is when I take pictures for facebook and posts people usually point it out with praise, kinda odd but it has happened a few times now and people are asking where I got it.

    The Modmat Xtreme is a thick rubber mat (about 2mm) that is rolled up tightly in a box, I was concerned about it being rolled tight but after about an hour it lays flat with no issues at all.

    I have spilled drinks on it and it cleans up nicely, I have soldered on it and dropped balls of solder that do not burn through. I have not used a razor blade on it but I am sure that would damage it beyond repair if someone was to be careless in cutting on it.

    The Modmat Xtreme is printed with lots of useful information;

    • Pin outs from the power supply
    • Water cooling tubing size chart with ID/OD
    • All CPU sockets from Intel and AMD
    • Radiator sizes with hole spacing and dimensions
    • HDD and SDD sizes with hole spacing for both 3.5" and 2.5"
    • Vandal switch Wiring guide with sizes
    • Rules in both millimeteres and inches

    Even though I have lots of unobtanium in my office, people usually gravitate towards the Modmat and touch it.

    the Modmat Xtreme comes with wrist and alligator clips, I use the alligator clip attached to my monitor base for grounding, this keeps the mat grounded and my entire work area static free.

    Modmat also makes a smaller mat called the "mainboard" that is 23" x 23" for $39.99

    I would highly recommend the Modmat to everyone, it is great for PC builders, modders, electronic technicians, or anyone who needs a surface that will not damage the finish on whatever you are working on.
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