My System is suddenly behaving odd.
Recently my setup which is
Motherboard : P6X58D-E
CPU i930
Mem Gskill F3-16000CL9T-6GBRH
Cooling Noctua P12
Graphics XFX 5870

Recently my Bios only recognized 4GB of Ram from my 6 Gig. I tried all modules seperately and single and they all worked in each slot. When i put all 3 in though and overclock only 4Gb were found. With default settings it found 6GB.

Any ideas why the Memory usddenly doesn't get recognized after it has been running fine for 2 years ?

So Asus recommendedd to flash the BIOS which i did.

No i have the weirdest behaviour. It detects the 6gb now but as soon as i log into windows and the marvell Gigabit nwteork adapter is enabled my GPU gets 100% load and rund up to a 100Degrees cutting out.
If i unplug the network and disable the controller it stops.

I have no idea wtf is going on anymore. Anyone any iedas ?