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Thread: Now that GPU crunching has finished ( :( ), what has to be done in settings?

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    Now that GPU crunching has finished ( :( ), what has to be done in settings?

    I changed my device profiles. Do I need to do anything with that app config file?

    Just noticed my machine was doing nothing, so I've already changed which projects I'm on ( and those device profiles).
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    No need to do anything with app_config.
    Just make sure to set Yes for "Allow research to run on my CPU?"

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    Do you still want work for your GPUs?

    I've found that PrimeGrid 1.39 PPS (Sieve) (atiPPSsieve) is reliable in maintaining WUs for a GPU. http://www.primegrid.com/
    Some projects like SETI do not keep a flow of work coming for the GPU.
    Also, for my ATI7770 GPUs, I can set the app_config file for 0.03C + 0.5ATI or 0.03C + 1.0ATI depending on the system.
    That way the GPU WUs don't interfere with the 8 CPU WUs. At least it works that way with my Intel i7 systems.
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    I think this also works for NVIDIA GPUs, but I haven't tried it so I can't promise anything.

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    If your app_config file was set to reserve some CPU cores to feed your GPU then you might need to get rid of it (save it somewhere for next time ) otherwise just re-enable the other projects and you should be good to go.




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