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Thread: Steam - Allows limiting download bandwidth

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    Steam - Allows limiting download bandwidth

    April 24th, 2013

    New Steam Client Beta Available

    Hi everyone,

    We're beginning a new Steam Client Beta today. Here are the changes included in this build:

    Added rate-limiting of Steam game downloads, via Settings -> Downloads
    Picture courtesy of (

    If you are interested in opting into the BETA channel, details included in the link below:

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    now that comcast will go fast enough to max out steam most of the time (5.2MB/s) i dont get dced anymore, but this would have been very nice to not get punted last year.
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    I don't have have a bandwidth problem, although this is cool for those that use the kind of ISP where this is needed.

    I would prefer and option to limit the time a server shows advertising before one can join a game. (TF2) 30 seconds in some cases. Pinion can crash and burn. I don't even see the ads they are blocked by my hosts file.... I Still have to wait 30 seconds though. Pretty soon my black list will need external storage. I guess this isn't Steams fault but they could stop servers bringing back up TMOTD when continue is clicked.

    </end rant>
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