I managed to get my hands on AMD?s Latest HD7790 GPU thru ASUS Brand, ASUS HD7790 DirectCU II OC 1GB Edition, let?s go for the pictures


The things I found inside the box are the following of Driver DVD, , a Manual , DVI to VGA converter and a Crossfire Cable

Top View of the Card

A top view of the Graphic Card which shows the DirectCU ( Direct Copper) Heatsink which the Graphic Card gets its self a Cooling Solution design that gives 20% Cooler and 3X Quieter Operation from the stock reference HD7790 Graphic Card.

Back Side View of the Graphic Card

The card can do Crossfire up to 2 Cards.

Front View:

The card have 2x DVI Ports, 1x HDMI and 1x Display port.
Rear View:

It require 1xPCI-e 6PIN in order to run the card.
Test Benchmark setup:

I managed to test the card thru a lot of Games that I have + the latest 3Dmark Applications

My Thoughts:
It comes from the Manufacture with pre-overclocked core clock speed of 1075MHz which is 75 MHz faster than the reference HD7790, it got DirectCU II cooling which give the card better overclocking solution In overclock wise, I tried to overclock the card more than 1125Mhz but it cannot be stable in most of the games and the benchmarks that I have tested.
The good thing about the card is that it have 3 years warranty and the price is kind of acceptable to play nowadays games like Bioshock Infiniti.