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Thread: Kenji's Murdermod V2 (with some murderbox parts)

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    Kenji's Murdermod V2 (with some murderbox parts)

    I did a murdermod build a few years ago.. it was actually my first watercooling build. Learned a lot from it and decided this spring I would tear it down and do some spring cleaning. I'll be going from Standard ATX to Inverted which im pretty excited about. Ive already torn it down so I dont have any pics of that but ill post a status and start taking pictures from now on

    Theme is Blue/Black with some red accents

    Status : 30% complete

    CPU - 980x -
    GPU - GTX Titan
    MOBO - EVGA E760
    SSD - Samsung 940 Pro
    PSU - Corsair HX 850 Sleeved
    RAM- Corsair Dom Ram
    Case - TJ07 Murdermod Style

    EK Supreme HF
    Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 LT
    Aquacomputer GTX Titan Nickel/Plexi Block with Backplate
    mcp355 /w ek top
    HW Labs GTX 480
    San Ace Hr101 Fans
    EK Motherboard block
    LRT Advanced Tubing
    iandh stealthres 250

    To Do List:
    Waiting for powder coater to finish with parts.
    Need to get my side panel cut and a window put in.
    Order replacement TIM and TIM pads to put blocks back on after cleaning them.
    Drill holes in S-Light
    Consider ordering replacement CPU Cooler
    Plan out how to do a drain port in my loop.
    Plan out loop order.
    Buy rivets or replace rivets with screws during Case rebuild.
    Paint CD ROM drive
    Setup a tray system for my SSD
    Setup a holder for my Aquaero 5 LT (will probably go in the cd tray bay)
    Sleeve all Misc items (order some stuff from mdpc)
    Test and resleeve all fans.
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    Ill be updating this post as the day goes by to put all of my information and current status in it.

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