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Thread: Antec Perfomance One P193 V3

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    Antec Perfomance One P193 V3


    The homebuilt PC business is still booming, and if you're in the market to buy up parts and construct your own rig, there's hardly a more important piece to the puzzle than the enclosure.Larger and more versatile, the Antec P193 V3 stands apart from the competition with room to handle the biggest hardware out there.

    The new P193 V3 model offer upgrade potential over the original,using USB 3.0 on the front-panel, an internal 2.5" SSD drive bay and a CPU cutout that enables easy heatsink replacement. There's also a three-layer side to reduce noise .Additional attributes of the P193 V3 include space for up to seven variable-speed fans, and features compatibility-enhancing attributes such as its unique power supply mounting option for both standard size power supplies as well as Antec's exclusive CPX form factor PSUs.

    It measures 514 (H) x 241 (W) x 590 (D) mm, has a three-layer front door (aluminum, plastic, aluminum) that opens at a 270 degree angle and also four fans.

    Packaging & Contents

    The Antec packaging is extremely heavy . Those with lesser physical strength will have an issue moving it from place to place.Antec ships the P193 V3 case in a massive but stylish cardboard box. On the front there is a clear picture of the case and information about the features and specifications can be found on the back and sides of the box, along with further product shots.

    The chassis is firmly wedged between two thick pieces of styrofoam.

    Also included with the case is mounting screws,cable tie's, PCI card holders, drive rails, and instructions.There is also metal springs for mounting an extra cooling fan.

    A Closer Look - Outside

    Despite the chrome surrounds for the front panel cut outs, I still think this is one of the better looking cases out there, despite being a few years old at this point.

    It's got an indented Antec logo at the top of the brushed aluminium front panel.

    Criss gross grills.

    The front panel is soundproofed with 3 layers (aluminum, plastic, aluminum).

    Each drive bay has a built in washable dust filter.

    On the right side of the front panel features buttons Power, Reset, and HDD activity LED, plus Antec adds two USB 2.0 ports and the new USB 3.0, audio and microphone jacks, all accessible even with the door closed.

    Just on these ports is placed a locked security seamer, which will please the regulars at partys.

    After opening the door you can see two bezels (behind which you can mount two 120mm fans).There are two filters located behind the front grills.Occasionally, it will be necessary to wash the installed air filters, as not washing them may result in higher system temperatures and possible stability problems. We recommend checking the air filter at least once a month initially.

    Antec did not stop there though, in order to completely seal the case closed and minimize vibrations they have added a strip of insulation material at the edge of the side panels. These strips not only aid the sound insulation of the case but also negate any vibrations which can generate rattling.

    A side panel design exclusive Antec three layers (aluminum, plastic,aluminum) reduces noise and enables the Quiet Computing .

    At the top of the chassis we can see two 140mm fans.

    The rear of the case .

    There are 2 large holes on the back of the case for water cooling tubes.

    Also found on the back is the I/O panel plate and seven expansion slot covers.At the top there is a 120mm exhaust fan.Also towards the top there are three fan controls for the rear fan and the 2 fans on the top of the case.

    The bottom features 4 silicone feet which appear to be affixed via adhesive and are non-adjustable.

    The P193 also features a side panel fan mount which may come in handy if you like overclocking since it should help with the temperatures of the interior.

    The ducts are made in such way that it is impossible to put your fingers all the way in.

    The side fan mount comes with a removable dust filter which is a nice addition since you just slide it out clean it and push it back in.

    Here is the 200mm fan mounted towards the rear-center.Like the other fans included with this case, it has a 3-position speed switch attached, and is powered by a Molex pass-through plug.

    A Closer Look - Inside

    The Antec P193 V3 Full Tower PC Case features a dual chamber design that allows it to efficiently minimise heat and noise by separating the power supply from the other components.You may also notice the large cut out section for CPU cooler back plate replacement. This does weaken the motherboard tray a little, but it's not of too much concern.The P193 V3 is compatible with Extended ATX mainboards.

    One of the more noticable features about this case is that it has a separate PSU area that helps isolate the thermals of thet installed unit.There is more than enough room for large, longer power supplies and remember this case also supports Antec's CP-Series power supplies.There is a bracket that lifts the power supply off the ground a little bit so the bottom fan has good air circulation.

    Right above the power supply you will notice 2 thumbscrews holding a piece of metal in place. This can actually be removed for easier cable routing when installing your system then secured back into place.

    Holes for cable management.

    For storage you have first a bottom hard drive cage that will fit 4 hard drives. There is a small thumbscrew that holds it in place, but simply remove it and slide the cage out for easy hard drive installation.

    The rails you see are for the hard drives so they can slide easily in and out.

    When you remove the hard drive cage you will see a spot for a 120mm intake fan.

    Moving up there is another hard drive cage that can hold 2 hard drives in slide out trays. This cage can also be removed in the same fashion as the other hard drive cage, just remove the thumbscrew and slide it out.Once again there is another spot for a 120mm intake fan.

    At the top of the case there is room for 4 5.25-inch devices.

    There is a 120mm rear exhaust fan and two 140mm fans on the top of the case.

    The otherside gives a different take on things. There's not quite as many cable holes as you?d find on some cases, but the visible-from-the-other-side plastic slider allows for plenty of cables to be routed that way.There?s also several cable ties to make tidying them away that bit easier.

    Installation and Finished Looks

    There was nothing special about this process.The power supply went in fine and there are some holes in the partition between the thermal zone to allow cable routing.

    The Antec P193 V3 trays are easy to attach the HDDs on.White rubber washers act like anti-vibration system.

    One aspect which is emphasised time and again with P193 V3 is the multitude of HDD storage options.This case is tailored for storage and thanks to the inter-swappable cages the inside can be customised to the needs of the user.

    As you discover inside the box,there is a small compartment,which you can put on the back of one of the cages in order to keep little things from the box itself.

    Optical drive installation .

    Finished looks.

    Test System

    Processor: Intel Core i7 Desktop Processor 2600K
    Motherboard:Intel 1155 Server Motherboard System
    CPU cooler: Dynatron K17.
    Memory: 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR3 1333MHz.
    Graphics card: Radeon HD 6870 1GB .
    Power supply: Antec 1200W.
    Storage drives: 128GB Kingston V100 (OS), 1TB Samsung F3, 300GB Western Digital Caviar.
    OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.


    The P193 V3 has good component cooling potential, thanks to Antec’s generous inclusion of four fans. An adequate supply of cool air allowed CPU temperatures to remain low, and GPU temperatures to remain acceptable.

    Noise Levels

    With all fans operating at full speed, the P193 V3 is a clearly audible chassis. Fortunately, the built-in controller allows users to manipulate fan speeds, and therefore noise output, to a desirable level.


    From the Performance One series the Antec P193 V3 Full Tower PC Case is a large and versatile case, suitable for even the biggest of todays hardware.
    The Antec P193 V3 Full Tower PC Case is a robust machine that has been built to offer more versatility and with the ability to deal with vast hardware. This tower case is extremely user-friendly when it comes to building your system, thanks to the CPU cut out which makes it easy to fit CPU coolers. Plus, there are 11 drive bays to meet your building needs.The Antec P193 V3 does have one shortfall in my opinion.PC case internal looks like an old-school case with that kind of paint color.Thing's could have been better if it was painted black.

    With its rear 120mm TriCoolTM fan, two top 140mm TriCoolTM fans and side 200mm fan for dual graphic cards, you know that your cooling needs will be catered for. Plus, there is an option for 2 front 120mm fans for HDD.The Antec P193 V3 Full Tower PC Case also aims to guarantee Quiet Computing as a result of its design, which consists of three-layer, sound-deadening side panels and front door.For one of the coolest and quietest tower cases, choose the Antec P193 V3 Full Tower PC Case.

    Enthusiasts can build an extremely powerful system inside the P193 V3. The case has the ability to house XL-ATX motherboards, 4-way graphics configurations and plenty of storage drives. Large dimensions and a sensible design ensure that clearance options aren’t a problem.The P193 V3 can easily house the market’s largest CPU coolers, graphics cards and power supplies without interference issues. Antec has carefully balanced the case design’s exclusivity with a sensible appearance that will still be appreciated by consumers. Watercooling support is equally as impressive with space for roof-mounted triple and bottom-mounted double radiators. Both of these mounting locations are given enough clearance for push/pull configurations, while further single-fan units can be installed in the rear and interior positions.At 115 Euro's, the P193 V3 is a solid contender in the high-end chassis market. The P193 V3 is priced appropriately to make it a viable purchase to enthusiasts building a high-end, multi-VGA powerhouse.

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    What shroud do you have on the roof of the watercooling setup?

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