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Thread: 2nd Monitor time is coming for me. Thoughts anyone?

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    2nd Monitor time is coming for me. Thoughts anyone?

    I have a Dell Ultrasharp 2407WFP 1900 x 1200 which is great as far as I am concerned but the time is coming for me to get more screen real estate.

    I have no interest in gaming. I watch video. I may as well come clean and say that the various technologies available don't mean much to me (pro's/con's)

    I wonder what you guys think I should get to go with this one or maybe even replace this one. What thoughts/experience do you have about the fact that this is 1200 high when most are not.

    I am reasonably happy to consider most ideas including getting a second hand dell to match although I doubt it would be as old as this.

    I may try running one above the other too to see how that goes. It is all new to me

    Cheap is good as I would rather spend the money on a new cruncher later in the year.

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    Personally, I like Samsung monitors. At my last job I had a 24" Samsung LCD monitor hooked up to my MacPro workstation and it was pretty nice. I had a BX2331 for a year and a half at home and it had excellent picture, colors, and brightness(had to turn it down, though part of the was the LED backlighting), as well as pretty decent blacks. Unfortunately most Samsungs now don't have VESA mounts for a dual monitor setup. So if you want to do that, a Samsung isn't in the picture(*rimshot*).

    ASUS has some pretty good LCD, LED back lit monitors in the US$ 150-180 range before rebates/coupons.

    For BUDGET monitors I like my Acer 23" S23H1bid. I bought one for $140 last year, one for $120 at Staples, and a barely used one off Craigslist for $55. I have two in a dual monitor setup and they have pretty decent colors and brightness. And the Acers were/are easy to mount and very sturdy and stable. The colors and the blacks aren't as good as the Samsungs though. I did have to send one monitor in after a little over a year. However Acer fixed it under my 3 year warranty for free and sent it back within 3 weeks. I did have to pay for postage and insurance to send it in.

    If you are interested in a dual mount stand, or triple or quad setup, Easy Mount makes some really sturdy and affordable stands. I have the freestanding dual mount setup:
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