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Thread: Chiller recommend

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    Chiller recommend

    i am new in the hood and i come from germany. My english is bad, but may be, we can understand us O.o
    I have a problem. I have a GPU "cooled" with 10tecs. One of theese tecs have a qmax about 30W. There we have a total thermalpower to transfer about 550W. With a watercooler its not possible to cool this setup well. There, i will get a chiller. How much coolingpower i need to cool this setup well? And what chiller can you recommend me?
    And we have another problem. I must buy the Chiller in the EU (european union). I hope you can help me.
    Best regards Marc

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    as far as chillers go, i'm sure you could get some venders by doing a search on google for aquarium chillers. also, there are a good number of prople on these forums from the EU. i'm sure one of them can help you out (assuming they frequent this particular forum - i know there are a lot in the water cooling forums).

    concerning the TEC usage. there are some very knowlageable folks on the TEC forums that can help you out with anything you might need help with on with that subject.

    good luck finding what you need!!
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    You will probably be good with the 500 unless you have a particularly powerful rig or are planning to cool more than one rig

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