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Thread: What you got in each room?

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    What you got in each room?

    Curious what you guys got in the homes!

    I'll start:
    Bedroom Logitech Z5500 Not the best in the world, but compact and cheap
    Bathroom Nokia 360
    Living room Denon AVR-1603, Dali 107 Front, Dali SC-7 center, Dali 1001 rear
    Kitchen Logitech X230

    However planning an upgrade/change next week:
    Living room Denon AVR-1603, Dali 107 Front, Dali SC-7 center, Dali 103 rear
    Kitchen Either A) Denon DRA-F102 B) Denon PMA-500AE C) NAD 712 combined with Dali 1001
    Competition ranking;
    2005; Netbyte, Karise/Denmark #1 @ PiFast
    2008; AOCM II, Minfeld/Germany #2 @ 01SE/AM3/8M (w. Oliver)
    2009; AMD-OC, Viborg/Denmark #2 @ max freq Gigabyte TweaKING, Paris/France #4 @ 32M/01SE (w. Vanovich)
    2010: Gigabyte P55, Hamburg/Germany #6 @ wprime 1024/SPI 1M (w. THC) AOCM III, Minfeld/Germany #6 @ 01SE/AM3/1M/8M (w. NeoForce)

    2010; GOOC 2010 Many thanks to Gigabyte!

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    I used to have the Z5500, they were actually the first "decent" set of speakers that I had. My stuff is in my signature, some of it has been upgraded recently, but I don't feel like changing my signature to reflect. You have a lot of great equipment, it looks like there are a lot of places where you live to enjoy some good sound!
    PC Lab Qmicra V2 Case SFFi7 950 4.4GHz 200 x 22 1.36 volts
    Cooled by Swiftech GTZ - CPX-Pro - MCR420+MCR320+MCR220 | Completely Silent loads at 62c
    GTX 470 EVGA SuperClocked Plain stock
    12 Gigs OCZ Reaper DDR3 1600MHz) 8-8-8-24
    ASUS Rampage Gene II |Four OCZ Vertex 2 in RAID-0(60Gig x 4) | WD 2000Gig Storage

    Theater ::: Panasonic G20 50" Plasma | Onkyo SC5508 Processor | Emotiva XPA-5 and XPA-2 | CSi A6 Center| 2 x Polk RTi A9 Front Towers| 2 x Klipsch RW-12d
    Lian-LI HTPC | Panasonic Blu Ray 655k| APC AV J10BLK Conditioner |

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    it has not yet verified.......
    ^ Logitech makes low grade speakers. I can't believe you are using them. Time to upgrade your listening taste!

    Ha ha....


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    Living room (aka, theater room):
    Cerwin-vega CLS-215 (4 of them)
    JBL MRX528S (2 of the dual 18" subs
    QSC DCA-1644 digital cinema amp
    QSC RMX-2450 stereo amp
    170" projector screen with 1.2 gain (had to downsize at this new place from my 221" screen)
    benQ W500 projector (Picked this up many years ago now and will be upgrading to a much newer model this year)

    JBL Soundfactor SF25 (2 of them)
    some amp I cant remember the name of, but it sounds great and gives 400w per channel (stereo amp)
    Panasonic 55" VIERA TC-P55VT50
    Onkyo TX-NR717

    Sennheiser PC-350 with "hero mod"
    Audio-GD "FUN" DAC unit with AD797BRZ op amps
    EQ and effects processing done on an HT Omega Claro II card, mainly for better gaming experience.

    So not the highest end stuff, but I like them a lot. The Cerwin vegas sound pretty nice actually. I got them after hearing the speakers on year at the NAMM show. They have a bit harsh 4k area, but that is easy to deal with in EQ.
    The JBL speakers paired with my amp and my DAC unit have some of the best quality sound I have ever heard. Truly amazing. I have ever gotten compliments on it from my friends who own recording studios and are professional sound engineers for concerts and large mega churches with $200,000 sound systems.
    The amp in the main area is also pretty incredible sounding for mains. It doesnt have the best low end sound, but is great for midrange and high end, which works perfect for me because I have the quad 18 subs to fill in the low end in the main room.
    The projector looks pretty decent for being only 720p and so old. But I want something better and will be getting a much newer model this year.
    And the Panasonic plasma in my bedroom is just amazing. The picture quality on it is insane.

    The computer setup is all about PC gaming, not an amazing audio experience for music. The others rooms are geared more for great audio and video experiences.
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    Rig 1:
    ASUS P8Z77-V
    Intel i5 3570K @ 4.75GHz
    16GB of Team Xtreme DDR-2666 RAM (11-13-13-35-2T)
    Nvidia GTX 670 4GB SLI

    Rig 2:
    Asus Sabertooth 990FX
    AMD FX-8350 @ 5.6GHz
    16GB of Mushkin DDR-1866 RAM (8-9-8-26-1T)
    AMD 6950 with 6970 bios flash

    Yamakasi Catleap 2B overclocked to 120Hz refresh rate
    Audio-GD FUN DAC unit w/ AD797BRZ opamps
    Sennheiser PC350 headset w/ hero mod

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    Santa Barbara, CA
    Living room
    Denon AVR-1613
    Epson 8350 1080p 3LCD projector
    Elitech 120" high contrast gray screen.
    MartinLogan MLT-2

    You really cannot beat the MLT-2's for the price.

    Total cost $2k
    Computer: Intel i7-4770k | Asus Z87 Maximus VI Impact | 240GB Corsair Force GT | 240GB OCZ Vertex 3 | 16GB G.Skill Trident X 2400MHz | EVGA GTX690 Hydro Copper 4GB | Corsair AX850 | Steelseries 7G | Logitech G500 | 27" 2560x1440 Overlord Tempest X270OC 120Hz S-IPS
    Cooling: Koolance 380i CPU block | Swiftech Hydro Copper GPU block | EK X3 150 Reservoir | EK X-TOP D5 PWM drive | PrimoChill PrimoFlex PRO LRT Bloodshed red | Alphacool NexXxos 240mm XT45 | Alphacool NexXxos 280mm UT60 | Bitspower Fittings | 4x Bitfenix Spectre Pro 120mm | 2x Bitfenix Spectre Pro 140mm | Lamptron FC-5V2
    Case: Custom modded matte black Caselabs Mercury S3

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    it has not yet verified.......
    Living room

    Panasonic TH-50PHD7UY 50" plasma monitor
    HTPC + Xonar DX7.1 sound card
    Focal CMS65 studio monitors + Wireworld Oasis-6 RCA interconnects
    White Night Power Distributor 2.5m (Pending...)

    Power Distributor - $50000
    Plasma TV - $4200
    HTPC - $2000
    Speakers - $2000
    Audio cables - $1535
    • AudioQuest Angel 3.5mm ($1200)
    • AudioQuest Sydney RCA ($200)
    • Wireworld Terra-6 RCA ($25)
    • Wireworld Oasis-6 RCA ($110)

    Video cable - $100

    Total Retail Cost: $59835

    p.s. I sold all other junk I had in other rooms so three other rooms have nothing other than some furniture, picture frames, bed, pillow, curtains, etc.
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    Living Room
    Yamaha RX-V573
    Yamaha BD-S677
    Samsung UE55H7090
    Teufel T 500 Mk2 Front standspeakers
    Teufel Aktiv-Subwoofer T 2300 SW
    HTPC:- AMD Athlon 5350 setup.
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    MAIN RIG--:
    ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ---:AMD Ryzen 7 5800X--Aquacomputer Cuplex Kryos NEXT--:ASUS Crosshair VIII HERO---
    32GB G-Skill AEGIS F4-3000C16S-8GISB --:MSI RADEON RX 6900 XT---:X-Fi Titanium HD modded
    Inter-Tech Coba Nitrox Nobility CN-800 NS 800W 80+ Silver--:Cyborg RAT 8--:Creative Sound BlasterX Vanguard K08

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    Bedroom/living room.
    B&W 802'D
    Rotel 1582
    Audiolab M-dac
    Panasonic ST50
    Custom built PC
    OCZ vertex2 60gb x1
    Seagate 500gb x4
    Samsung 700gb x2
    Samsung 1000gb x1
    Total 4.242tb available storage.
    5870 x3
    Asus rampage extreme III
    Xonar essence STX
    Fractal R3 Black pearl
    Intel i7 920 @ 4ghz
    6gb patriot 1600mhz



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