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Thread: IPS Panels E-IPS vs AH-IPS

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    IPS Panels E-IPS vs AH-IPS

    Does anybody know which IPS panel is the better of these 2; E-ips and AH-IPS . I have 2 monitors sitting here and I can't make up my mind which one to keep. The Dell S2740l [AH-IPS] has 1920 x1080 and looks awesome in all respects with no ghosting or backlight bleed or pixel issues in games or multimedia but has a glossy finish that will make your eyes burn and has 7ms g2g response time. The Dell U2412m [E-IPS]also looks great all around, with no ghosting but with a slight bit of backlight bleed and no pixel issues with a matte finish and 1920 x 1200 resolution, also an 8ms g2g response time. I've been trying all types of apps and games with both of these and can't make up my mind which one to keep. Both retail around $300.00 but I can only keep one. I figured I would keep the one with the best panel but I can't find any info on which one is better. .I'm open to any suggestions or opinions. Which one is better? Or should I get something completely different? I've kind of avoided Asus because of their pixel return policy and either one of the two I have can be returned no questions asked [Costco & BestBuy]. Any input here would be appreciated.
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    they are both made by LG, the AH is the newest one base on super ips, the e-ips is the older one that uses twisted square pixels so there is less bleed and better diagonal viewing angles.


    asus uses the same LG panels as every one else, they also have the 5 pixel or group rule for returns, but not all stores have that policy and they are all tested before they go out so unless you buy an OEM the asus should be perfect with no dead or stuck pixels.
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