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Thread: 120mm fan, 100,000 hour life time, 25dBa, 64CFM

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    120mm fan, 100,000 hour life time, 25dBa, 64CFM

    I've seen a lot of good fans in my time, and although this doesn't have a huge air flow, 64cfm is still a decent amount of air, especially at below whisper levels.
    Thought some people may be interested in these expensive, but worth it In my opinion.


    EDIT: most fan's I've come across have there dB-a rating at lowest rpm, when you turn it up, it's a fair bit louder. I've got 6 Cooler master fans rated at 19dba, but at full speed they are noisy. These Jaycar fans at full speed, are quieter than my Cooler master at low speed.
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