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Thread: Is my PC about to Die USB connection keeps disconecting

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    Is my PC about to Die USB connection keeps disconecting

    My PC is 6 years old now(longer then I have known my wife) and its started to have a USB error as any USB device like Printer/External Hard Drive keep disconecting when in use. The 2 Printer, Scanner and External Hard Drive are on a Powered USB Hub and USB 3 is by a PCIe Card with one slot connected to a USB 3 external HD with external Power. So its the onboard USB2 and card USB3 having the same problems!

    P35 mobo, E6750, 8GB RAM, 4 x 1TB or 2x2TB HD, 9800 graphics card, DVD

    I have tried all the usual options of changing cables, psu and drivers.

    Anything ELSE I should try?
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    Considering your onboard USB, and the add-in USB card are having the same problems I would think this is more of a driver issue.

    You should eliminate every device off the USB (including the hub) next try adding devices one at a time. Add a device, do some testing, then add another if all is well.

    Also look for bad caps on your motherboard. Bad caps are a very common problem on older mobo, if you have them they can cause all sorts of weird issues.
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