Hi All,

I'm building a workstation and intend on overclocking the CPU. I'm new to building computers so I was hoping I could get some final advice. I have all of the parts at home, but now that I've done some thorough research on OCing, I'm curious if I picked the proper cooling solution. Below are the main components of my build.

Lian Li x2000fn
Asus Rampage Extreme IV
64GB 2133mhz Ripjaws Z
Quadro 4000
GTX 680 Classified
LSI 9280 16i4e
NH-D14 (currently plan on using thermal paste that comes with cooler)
~4-6 ssds, 5-8 mechanical drives
Enermax Platimax 1350 watt PSU

So I know I don't want to do a custom liquid cooling setup. I'm pretty much trying to decide between the H100 and the NH-D14. I prefer air cooling but if I can push the CPU further, I'm open to the H100. My understanding is that the case I chose has fairly solid thermal performance, so I'm hoping I can use the stock fan setup. I'd also like this to be a quiet machine, but noise is secondary to performance.

Any input greatly appreciated.

I've read people can push the 3970x to 4.9ghz, is that a reasonable goal, or am I looking at closer to 4.4-4.7? fyi,
I found good deals on the hardware lol.