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Thread: Replacement for my laptop asus ul30vt

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    Replacement for my laptop asus ul30vt

    Hi guys, im searching for a replacement for my current laptop (ul30vt)

    What i need is the following:

    • 14" screen
    • light weight
    • +7 hours of battery duration (with saving mode enable)
    • an overall performance improvement
    • optical drive isnt a must here
    • would like to remain with Asus

    The battery duration and the light weight are top priority

    Anyone can recommend me one?

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    You could look at the Asus Zenbook range.

    I just spent a couple of months researching laptops to meet my work needs. I opted for a Samsung Series 9 NP900XC over the Asus Zenbooks which I considered. I don't like the tactile feel of the Asus Zenbooks and I need 8Gb RAM that's why I choose the Samsung. The screen on the Samsung isn't quite as good as the top Zens but that is its only shortcoming.

    Asus Zenbook or Samsung 7/9 series. Can't go far wrong with those.
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    All you need for an overall improvement is an ivy bridge and intel hd 4000. Kinda makes the test up to you because in comparison the C2D doesnt compare to an i3 even and the gt210 wont hold a candle to the hd 4000.
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