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Thread: Magicool MC RAD 180 can hold 2X580?

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    Magicool MC RAD 180 can hold 2X580?

    i'm planing to move to smaller system then the SR-2. based on MATX MOBO.
    i already got the Lian Li V600F, and i have 2 option:

    1. to use 2X120 RAD on front (without many modifications), with the original fans.
    2. to install 1X180 rad, that fit very well in this case (there is a great worklog here, i cant remember the name of it).

    i dont care about the CPU at this moment. if it be possible - i'll install a slim 140 rad on the top.

    with what option should i go?

    EVGA SR-2 , 2X Intel Xeon 5620, 12X2GB Corsair Domminator 1600 MHZ CL7
    3X GTX580, Corsair AX1200, Lian Li PC-Z70
    3X Dell U2311H, Liliput 7" touchscreen monitor

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    rad with more smaller fans. bigger the fan size, the worse available fan selection. So even if rad frontal area is same or even bigger for rad for bigger fans, rad with smaller ones usually cools better. Rads with bigger fans i'd choose only upto 140mm, but ones like for 180/200 only in cases which are very well fit for specific rads and/or user wishes to reuse stock fans (eg. 3x180 rad in FT02 case).

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    I think their are fine radiators. The Silverstone AP181 are good fans to pair it with.

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