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Thread: Radiator choice

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    Radiator choice


    I currently have a TFC Xchanger 360, I want to change
    Is that Ek Waterblock XTX 360 is more efficient (equal ventilation) or it is the same?

    I looked for reviews with these 2 rad "together" but I have not found

    Thanks so much
    Sorry for my english

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    Difference most probably will be small (<10%) and definitely not worth purchasing of new rad.
    In LC imho it's best not to replace/upgrade rads (unless original rad is VERY bad, eg. mistakenly chosen/purchased high finned rad like GTS even while intended to be used with slow/quiet fans, or if it's some old aluminium crap), but add extra rads to loop, if needed.

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    I doubt that will benefit you much, since you are staying on the same rad. size, if you need a change get a 480 radiator like the XSPC 480.
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    The TFC is a good radiator. There really is no reason to swap it out for another brand.

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