So yeah I concluded after reading many articles and forum posts that nForce chipsets do NOT support AHCI and that sometimes even the nForce drivers will make your SSD run at slower speeds so it is better sometimes to just run the Microsoft drivers.

Most systems posted on the net show speeds of 140mbps read and 110 writing. I have a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate x64, no nForce drivers (not even ethernet), only the GeForce drivers and my audio card. I have NOT uninstalled the default nForce SATA drivers that were installed automatically (which install from the windows disc or windows update I believe).

I ran crystal mark and hdd tach and this is the result. What do you guys think? Should I really trust this results? My computer does run much faster, booting times improved a bit (not much) but until I upgrade my system, I believe this is good enough for me coming from a 2005 150gb Raptor

ASUS Striker II Extreme