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    Synology DS112+


    Synology are a company i have come to expect high standards from in the home network storage device market.Today we will be taking a look at the single bay DS112+, which is the latest model in Synology's NAS range for home use, offering file storage, sharing and data protection.

    Synology DiskStation DS112+ offers a high-performance, and full-featured network attached storage solution that helps small and medium-sized businesses centralize backup, protect critical assets and share files quickly and efficiently. Synology protects your investment in the DS112+ with a 2-year limited warranty.

    Package and accesories

    The unit arrived inside a purple white box with the Synology logo and 5 icons highlighting its main features.Features and specifications at the rear of the box.

    Bundled with the DS112+ chassis are the following accessories: an AC adapter, an installation CD ,a lan cable ,a welcome paper and a manual and some screws.

    The Nas

    The Synology DS112+ DiskStation has a nice black plastic surface.All in all, the DS112+ is a very nice looking unit.

    Either side has the Synology insignia carved out – as seen on other 2012 models and although this is unit is entirely plastic it still holds a level of quality and edge of professionalism.

    Moving to the front of the unit along the right edge of the unit are various LED indicators and a power button. The LED indicators are as follows:
    • Status LED
    • LAN LED
    • Disk 1 LED
    Under those leds is the power button.

    Next moving to the rear we get to the basic connectivity side of things. This is where we have our single Gigabit LAN port and dual USB 3.0 ports to ensure high speed transfer rates no matter the usage. Also included is a cooling fan to keep all of the important bits safe and a DC jack to power the unit,a sata port and lastly a Kensington security lock port to ensure the unit goes nowhere once it is installed. Synology DS112+ is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Not only does it provide a 60x60 mm fan and the smart airflow to keep the system running cool 24/7, its noise dampening design makes it really quiet compared to PC counterparts. The support of Wake on LAN/WAN, multiple scheduled power on/off and hard drive hibernation can further reduce power consumption and operation cost.

    At the bottom of the unit there are many ventilation holes.Also we see the rubber fits for stabillity.


    The DS112+ has to be pulled apart in order to get inside. To get inside, you must pushe the right spot in the bottom of the unit and then the unit will separate into two parts.

    Once inside, there is a rack for mounting one HDD. The drive just needs to be slid into one of the slots so that it marries up with the SATA connection – screws should be attached to keep the drive securely positioned.

    Comparing the previous one bay models , there are noticeable differences to the hardware specification. Firstly, the CPU operates at a higher frequency of 2.0GHz . Next, the memory used is slightly different too – the capacity is now at 512mb. Our unit also provides USB 3.0 instead of USB 2.0 .The max iternal capacity has also raised to 4tb.

    The mini fan is there to keep the audible noise down.The noise levels are pretty low at 18db.


    DSM has been one of the main reasons why Synology NAS servers are the best among network-attached storage devices, thanks to its vast amount of features and robust and easy-to-use interface.Synologys beta version 4.1 of its DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system (firmware) for DiskStation NAS servers is already available.The final update will be available in a month or so.

    The new version offers some major additional features to the already feature-rich OS, including a Video Station and mobile apps for Windows Phone 7. The Video Station allows users to organize their movies and adds support for USB digital TV tuners. Users can also stream videos and recorded TV programs to standard network media streamers. Synology's mobile apps, including DS Audio, DS Photo +, and DS Finder have been available for iOS and Android devices. Version 4.1 of the OS will bring this support to Windows 7 Phone users.

    The new Syslog Server is even more robust and proactive. It’s capable of processing thousands of logs per second, making your DiskStation the only server you’ll need for collecting logs. The revamped user interface lets you customize the periodic report – on a daily, weekly and monthly basis – displayed in an easy-to-understand graphical representation. The best part about it? Everything runs in real-time, so whenever you need to check up on the latest status, you can do it with just a few clicks.Capable of collecting thousands of logs per second.Better and customizable archiving policy.Enhanced notification for matched keyword in logs.

    The new DSM 4.1 version includes improvements for the Audio Station (better design).The new Audio Station features a personal library for your exclusive sound collection. Set up special playlists for your morning jog or a weekend special, and DS audio can load the lyrics to allow for a perfect sing-along. Even locked up inside a submarine deep down in the depths of the ocean with no available network, DS audio just keeps the music alive.

    The Cloud Station (now supporting two shared folders).The personal cloud now enjoys a wider coverage and offers more choices. With Cloud Station’s automatic file sync, your work will always be up to date across Mac, PC, and even mobile devices. With or without network, you can review and edit presentation slides wherever you are. Files in shared folders can be synced automatically. So a shared folder can work as a data exchange hub for all team members to access and share the latest updates. All communication is encrypted to enhance data security.

    The Photo Station (now supporting timeline and faster thumbnail creation).Photo Station automatically maps out photo albums with a timeline at your call. Scroll the time bar to view the entire photo collection by month or by year. There are also various tags for you to filter out photos within seconds. You can geo-tag the trip to Grand Canyon on Google Maps or tag family and friends with automatic facial recognition. Your online photo gallery is now perfectly equipped to share with the world.

    The Surveillance Station has a new refreshed design.The new Surveillance Station 6 has a completely overhauled user interface, making it much easier to navigate. Surveillance Station is now even more autonomous and intelligent with a slew of object tracking features from Live View Analytics to keep watch for you. 3rd-party system integrators can now use Synology Surveillance Station’s web API to integrate it with their own access control system for more flexibility and better use of Synology’s NVR software.

    In addition, version 4.1 also refines and adds more business features to the server, such as making the NAS compliant with VAAI (vStorage APIs for Array Integration)-not in 112+ model- and offering RAID Fast-Rebuild Technology, Mail Server Enhancements, and support for authentication security with NTLM v2 and Kerberos v5.By installing Mail Station, available as a package in Package Center, you’ll be able to use a web interface to send and receive mails. By enabling multiple SMTP service, you can switch between your different business accounts. Or set up multiple POP3 service so you can receive mails from different services, such as Gmail or Hotmail.


    I now begin the benchmark portion of this article, but first let me show you my test system and the software I used:

    OCZ Vertex 4 512GB SSD
    Mainboard X79 MSI GD65 - Intel SATA 6G controller in AHCI mode
    Processor Core i7 3960X at default configuration
    Graphics Cards GeForce GTX 580
    Memory 16 GB (4x 4096 MB) DDR3 1600 MHZ
    Power Supply Unit 1200 Watt
    Monitor Dell 3007WFP - up to 2560x1600
    OS related Software Windows 7 64-bit SP1

    Read and write performance is strong, with the Synology NAS getting past 99MB/s in both the 64KB read and write tests.
    The simple File Copy Test provides further confirmation. When copying over a collection of files totalling 7.8GB, the DS112+ is able to complete the task providing 89.7 mb/sec.

    Simulating real-world usage scenarios it shows, quite clearly, that the Synology DS112+ is one of the fastest single-bay NAS to pass through my hands.In NAS Performance Toolkit the DS112+ goes neck to neck with the Qnap TS-119p ii.


    Synology has come out all guns blazing with the new DS112+ NAS, and the end result is impressive.Read and write performance is excellent across the board, and Synology's extensive feature set is second to none.It managed a blistering 100MB/sec read speed in my Iometer 64kb test and it was also noticeably fast at writing large files too providing 89MB/sec. It also had no problems dishing out data over FTP, playing music and uploading video files at the same time, with the UI remaining snappy and lag-free.It will be able to handle everything your network users can throw at it while still offering the IT admin a host of services that keep network operations running smoothly and securely.

    Coupled with a user interface that feels intuitive and streamlined, it makes for a compelling NAS package with only one notable drawback:price.Fetching £200 at retail, the DS112+ is one of the most expensive single-bay NAS solutions on the market and will likely appeal only to those who require its high-end features.However, the reason that NAS enclosures are so popular is that they're so easy to setup and use and come with practically everything you need out of the box by way of features, and there's next to no learning curve compared to something like FreeNAS, which will always appeal to those who want to get things up and running in 30 minutes in a generally idiot-proof environment.
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