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Thread: Intel Confidential CPU Development CF64BJF010 350-0919 305-0980A @ eBay

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    I vote Intel should make that into an official socket interface for future CPUs. I want LGA13001, quickly replaced by LGA13002 (the extra 1 pin adds 80 new features).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mechromancer View Post
    I vote Intel should make that into an official socket interface for future CPUs. I want LGA13001, quickly replaced by LGA13002 (the extra 1 pin adds 80 new features).
    Installing a motherboard onto a CPU would be a nice twist, indeed.
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    I don't see how anyone would waste $1000 on something thats useless

    I also guarantee intel will not waste their time tracking these chips down
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    What a scam!

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    It's computer Art, like Picasso

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warboy View Post
    I guess xXlAinXx was right. It looks like those picture. Still seems like a loadboard to me. Any of the probers I've seen probed wafers, used blades (probes) that left scrub marks on the die that were tested.

    Like this metal_blade-250x250.jpg

    Loadboards basically serve the same function, but for packaged parts. Again, that's just what I learned at the two semiconductor companies I've worked for, so maybe things are different elsewhere
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    I'd pay $5... then use it as a coaster... up to $25 for a set of 6 coasters perhaps haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diverge View Post
    Looks more like a loadboard for an ATE tester to me.
    here's a octal site loadboard from my job w/ all the hardware on it to mount to a handler.
    Attachment 128364

    The intel one was probably used for test development, since it doesn't look like it's setup for running production testing on.
    Oh cool, I used to be an Engineer at Delta. Is that x8 for Matrix?
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