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Thread: 1st O.M.G. Event 2012 By

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    1st O.M.G. Event 2012 By

    Hello everybody,

    On 23rd of June we did our 1st event called O.M.G from Overclocking, Modding and Gaming in 3 different floors!
    I can say it was a success as more than 1000 visitors passed from this event!
    We had 8-10 Greek Overclockers, around 12 modded cases and 20 Cod4 Pro Players!
    The event started at 12:00pm and officialy end at 20:00pm, but cause of some overtime maps from the Gaming
    Floor, the doors closed at ~1.30am
    After 20:00pm we had a roof garden party with DJs, Drinks, Food and some more this!

    We did an English report for all this event and you can read everything here.

    I hope next year that we would be able to invite overclockers from other EU countries too,
    have more modders and more teams on gaming

    Enjoy reading!
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    Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

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    Looks like a nice event! Good start, no doubt it will be even better next year!
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    Looks like it was a awesome event and impressive results! Would have loved to be there too!!! Special congrats to Tiltrevos and legend Dinos111 for their PCMark Vantage record! Perfect team and rig!
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