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Thread: First Liquid Cool System, Shopping List What Do You Guys Think I Should Add Or Trash

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    First Liquid Cool System, Shopping List What Do You Guys Think I Should Add Or Trash

    I am the kind of person who educate myself or at least try to, and do research before making any major purchase especially online, I just got my Corsair 600T whitecase Anywho.

    After much research back and forth between multiple websites, reading a ton of post here, making a spread sheet with about 5 of the major online retailers(very exhausting) with the items i wanted to get. This spread sheet help me to make a decision based on who has the item in stock (as per their website) and the price of each item. also factoring tax and shipping cost.

    However after doing all that and decided who I wanted to give my hard earn money to, I decided, let me just go online and search for any ratings and such, well needless to say "BOOM" monkey wrench in my plans. I already decided on a website but after reading these reviews I was like oh hell no, I rather pay the extra money and avoid any major headaches, at least in theory. I know stuff happens, its how you make it right and leave that customer feeling like theer is no where else to shop becase they got treated with respect.

    Anyway let me shut up and stop my rambling. Will not name names.........

    I have a shopping list put together and just want you guys to give it a once over please, anything you would change add. BTW this is going be a single loop for now until I upgrade to new Graphics Card.

    As far as PC components I have......

    Asus P8z77 V pro
    i5 core 3570K
    Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe 60 Gig
    XFX PRO850W XXX Edition Semi-Modular PSU
    G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB.

    I'm so hyped up I can't wait to place the order and get it

    Shopping list......


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    That is a pretty good list. The important components are all solid choices. Can't go wrong with a Raystorm, MCR220, MCP655, and AP-15 Gentle Typhoons! A little warning on the Primochill PRO LRT, I have some of the black and the plasticizer leaching is pretty bad. It hasn't built up on my components and my tubing isn't translucent so it doesn't bother me but it upsets some people.
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    Heatware: gte460z

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    Thanks for the feed back....come to think of it now that you brought up the tubing, I do recall reading on this site or another where a member did mention about that. He is a prominent member and a modder but i can't recall, Anyway thanks for the heads up.

    What do you guys think about Feser or Danger Den?
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    Try Danger Den first, good tubing.

    Also, that's a lot to pay for a 655 pump. Look at the Swiftech 35x, it's a better, smaller pump and PWM controlled by your mobo fan header. Cheaper too.

    When you WC your GPU's you'll need more raddage, but for now your fine. Any way you can just spend a bit more, add one fans and get the 120x3 rad?

    Ohh, also chech out the Swiftech rad with built in pump, the 35x pump, res is integrated. Makes for a very clean install.
    All stock for now, no need for more, but it's gonna be soon methinks.
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    You may also want to check out Martinm210's recent radiator summary. The Swiftech XP radiator will remove far more heat than the QP with those 1800 rpm AP-15's and costs only a little more. Good luck.
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    Thanks guys for your time and help, greatly appreciate it. I will be making those chages and suggestion.

    Conumdrum, unfortunately the triple rad you suggest won't fit in the 600T. also I know the pump is some what expensive, however all things considered
    some of the other items are way cheaper than other sites so the price of the pump kinda works out as far as price in that way (did that make any sense LOL).

    Hey Musicfan thanks for that link that was an awesome read great info and as for the rad i will get the one you you suggest as the fans go up to 1800 RPM.

    Once again thanks for all the help......

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