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Thread: New Fans from Corsair

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    New Fans from Corsair

    Corsair has some new fans coming out. Some of which are geared for radiator use. Specifically the SP120 High Performance. If the numbers prove to be true it looks like it could be a nice contender to GTs.

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    I see problem with their use on LC rads. - Unclosed corners. Those might rob a bit from performance/airflow pressure, with letting it partially pass there, not going through rad. IIRC it might be similar case as with noiseblocker's multiframe fans with similar shape of frame compared with fans with conventional square shaped frame. In Jordan's tests NB MFs were comparable to GTs, yet in Martin's tests on actual liquid cooling rad NB-s shown less good results.
    +This brand .. i'm somewhat sceptic about miracle appearance of dark horse in this field (of course until some trustable 3rd party tester proves my pessimism being wrong), i would find easier to believe for someone far longer at making fans field to come up with new good model.

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    Even though a lot of their stuff is just re-branded product, I do generally like Corsair's quality. Interested to see how the tests shake out on these.

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    Personally I wish they rebranded AP15s, offered them with different colored fan blades and PWM. Then supplied them in large enough quantities. Seeing as they haven't done that, I hope these perform better, but I doubt it.

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    Yep no frame = bad for liquid cooling radiator. Unless you build a shroud of sorts that masks the openings, i guess...

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