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Thread: Malewarebytes says egui.exe & ekrnl.exe are security.hijack

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    Malewarebytes says egui.exe & ekrnl.exe are security.hijack

    My email got haxed a week or two ago when I accidently clicked a link in email. DAMN TAP TO CLICK LAPTOP MOUSEPAD!! I HATE IT!!

    Eset detected the issue at that time so I thought I was safe...but obviously whatever skript it runs...ran (I believe) on the mail server. This morning it dumped an email link to every email address in the address book and even address from email in every folder like my archive folder and stuff.

    I do not believe the virus is on my computer as eset and all the anti-spyware progs are coming up clean. However Malwarebytes flaggs egui.exe and ekrnl.exe as "security.hijack". Anyone know why malwarebytes is calling ESET NOD32 security risks?
    Boy that info was old. As am I. Currently my kids have taken over my desktops. They are both sporting matching GTX1080's. Last Christmas I got everyone Oculuses and thus GTX1080's. My eldest is some sort of CSGO champion gold label something or other. Me I work and shoot real guns. Build Comps as needed.

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    Probably the same reason Spybot was calling "Windows" a virus for me. ^^
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