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Thread: Gentle Typhoon sound dampening

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    Gentle Typhoon sound dampening


    I've installed 14 GT AP-15s in my CaseLabs T10 case, and while they are relatively quiet, they have a bit of a higher pitch to their sound quality than I'm used to, and it's annoying me. (Compare this to this to see what I mean.

    What can I do about this? I have them all on a fan controller, but it seems like they make this noise at all RPMs. Also, I've tried the rubber fan silencers and they do not make a difference. I was thinking about buying some AcoustiPack sound dampening material to place inside the case in hopes that it would take the edge off the noise. 8 of the fans are intake in the front of the case and 6 are exhaust on top of the case if that matters.

    Thanks in advance!
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    my old case was (U2-UFO Horizon), and i installed (11) Gentle Typhoon 1850rpm fans on it, 9 in the case (intake - exhaust) and 3 on the CPU HS,

    And it was really noisy, specially i keep it in my bed room, and then i used fan controller, but the fans noise still annoying me even with lower rpm,

    Then i get rid of all the fans and the case, and i bought bench table case, and i only have CPU HS fans (140mm)and one fan (150mm) on the the

    GPUs, and now my case is dead silent, and more cooler.
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    If your talking about the gasket style silencers, yeah, they're worth crapola. I've used grommets from Mcmaster for a while now and they do the job pretty good. The number I order is 9311K138. Another thing that might be causing the noise is lack of open area where the fans are. If there isn't enough open area for the amount of air being moved, the air that is blocked or restricted is going to cause the air that moves a bit more freely to move even faster and if there are sharp edges or small holes, this can cause a whistling type noise.
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