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Thread: Still need new members ?

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    Still need new members ?

    As titel,

    I was a member of F@H OC3D team ,

    but that aside , is F@H still strong on here ?
    i can give a PPD of 150k plus....

    But it seems kinda dead on here or am i wrong ?!
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    There aren't many folders currenlty for some reason. I'd wager because most have gone to other projects like WCG, mining etc. I will keep folding with this team until it drops off to virtually no members or just disbands all together. I fold for the cause more than for getting big numbers.

    If you want to see a breakdown of the teams current production, check out:


    As for your question, YES we need more members. Your production would be a tremendous asset to the team.
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    It saddens me to see XS F@H as small as it is now Though at the same time the few members on here still are murdering the output that the team used to do when I was more active, so that's a good thing I suppose.

    I ran into issues with too high of a power bill, plus then my 4870 isn't worth running for the cost it is to operate (both in money and frustration, soooo unstable on F@H). When I stopped F@H after doing it for years GPUs were the way to go, not so much CPU. Seems there is power to be seen in CPUs again after the newer SMP clients but I couldn't run any of that until recently. However, I already had committed my CPUs to WCG so there they stay (plus my CPUs on WCG are focused on a particular couple projects that hit home more directly).

    When I finally upgrade my GPU I very well may start doing something here again.

    I still pop in here when I see any questions to answer what I can
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    Shame , will look for another home.....
    Thanks guys....


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