This is an identical post to my thread in the case section of the forum. I though it would be appropriate in both sections.

CodeOfficer has been a good friend of mine for years now and was always a Mac guy. With him in mind when I decided to start producing truly unique custom cases that would appeal to a range of high-end users from the do it yourself like me and mostly likely you the xtremesystems members, to the guy who wants a unique high performance system made for them. The cases is made of white acrylic and we all know that Mac users are attracted to shiny white plastic like flies to.... Anyways here are some of the pictures. More to come soon.

Lets start with the water cooling goodies

The radiators, pump, and CPU block were all painted to match the case

This was a shot of when I had just plumbed the system and started leak testing

I'm not a huge fan of macs myself but that cinema display sure is pretty and worthy of this system

A front view of the case. (better pics to come)

This system was purchased to play Guild Wars II so the back panel was engraved with the Guild Wars logo and hand painted by my artist gf