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Thread: AMD Trinity (Piledriver) Outperforms Bulldozer -

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    Quote Originally Posted by god_43 View Post
    ...what account?
    The link posted by the OP. When you click on it I recieved that message.
    Well now it seems to be working

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manicdan View Post
    comparing the A10-5800K to a 8150, isnt there also a GPU in there and only a 100W TDP, vs the 8150 with no GPU and 125W TDP
    id say thats a very good improvement.
    that's quite an awful comparison... FX8150 has 8 cores (4 modules), A10-5800K has 4 cores (2 modules)... (let alone GPU and cache on each other...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by w0mbat View Post
    Well, Trinity is a mainstream APU whereas the FX CPUs are high-end CPUs. They sport a L3 cache that Trinity doesn't have and they have an integrated GPU so they can't go all out on CPU performance. It's nice to see AMD making some progress. With Piledriver + L3 cache we maybe even see an IPC close to the Phenom II :P
    I don't know why you care answering to the post he made.
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