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Thread: Single 7970 OC VS Single 680 OC VS 6950 CF VS 580 SLI

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    Single 7970 OC VS Single 680 OC VS 6950 CF VS 580 SLI

    To all those who think that Radeon 7970 or GTX 680 are not hugely better

    These tests are at 19x10 MAX 8x AA.

    3D Mark 2011 Xtreme Score
    A 7970 stock is almost as fast as 6950CF and a 7970 OC is as fast if not faster than 6970 CF or 6990.
    It is like 15% behind a GTX 580 SLI, not enough for you to be able to notice too much while playing.
    580 SLI > 7970 OC > 6990 > 6950 CF > 590
    However, 580 SLI is like 12-15% faster than 7970 OC once overclocked.

    7970 OC = 85% of 580 SLI
    About as fact as 6990 or 6950CF practically
    In several instances it is faster than 6970CF/6990 and maximum FPS as of a GTX 580 SLi.
    For practical purposes all are close, within a maximum difference in performance of 15-20% and always over 60 FPS even at stock.

    7970 stock is faster than 6950 CF, overclocked it would probably be faster than 6970 OC CF. The 7970 has minimum FPS close to the average for a 6970 CF which is the 6950 CF is unplayable at these settings, literally.
    WINNER 7970 stock > 6950 CF

    Dirt 3
    6950 CF is way ahead of 7970 OC / 680 OC however every card gets over 100 FPS anyway, so it doesn't matter.

    Farcry 2
    Both 6950 CF and 580 SLI destroy 680 OC or 7970 OC but every card anyway manages 60+ FPS.

    Mafia 2
    A stock 7970 is faster than 6990 and about as fast as a 590. Once overclocked the 7970 is yet faster. A OC 7970 has the minimum FPS as high as the average of a 6950 CF. So even 6970 OC CF can't compete, 580 SLI might come close or compete
    Minimum 7970 OC > 590 > 6990 > 7970 stock > 6950 CF
    Average 7970 OC > 590 > 7970 stock > 6990 > 6950 CF
    Overall 7970 OC

    Metro 2033
    A stock 7970 equals 6950 CF. GTX 580 SLI is about 50% faster than both.
    Minimum 590 > 580 SLI > 6990 > 7970 stock = 6950 stock
    Average 590 > 580 SLI > 6990 > 7970 stock = 6950 stock

    Resident Evil 5
    CF or SLI is useless, doesn't help.

    Unigine 0x AA
    580 SLI is a lot faster than the rest. 6990>7970 stock>6950CF.
    But in terms of minimum FPS the 7970 OC competes with 580 SLI so real world gameplay will be similar. In most cases both are fast enough but most of the times the GTX 580 SLI has a 20%+ (Up to 50%) lead but that doesn't help gameplay or minimums as averages are fine anyway.
    The 6950 CF is unplayable due to very low minimum FPS. The 6990 is better but not enough.
    In terms of minimum FPS, 580 SLI competes with 7970 OC. However, in terms of average FPS 7970 OC is slower than 6990 and 580 SLI but all cards have over 60 FPS average.
    Minimum 580 SLI = 7970 OC > 7970 stock > 590 > 6990 > >> 6950 CF only 580 SLI and 7970 OC are playable.
    Average 580 SLI >> 6990 > 590 ~ 7970 OC > 7970 stock ~ 6950 CF
    Overall 580 SLI is slightly better than 7970 OC here because it has as many lows as 7970 OC but when above 60 FPS then it is even better. So for 120 Hz monitors it is much better, for 60 Hz monitors not much of a difference.

    Unigine 8x AA
    A 7970 stock offers better minimum FPS than GTX 580 SLI and once overclocked then better average FPS / comparable to GTX 590 and 6950 CF.
    6990 is the only playable card along with 580 SLI, other cards have low min FPS but 7970 stock min FPS are about as high as 590 or 6950 CF.
    Minimum 6990 > 7970 OC > 7970 stock = 590 > 580 SLI ~ 6950 CF, are except 6990 are unplayable
    Average 580 SLI > 6990 > 7970 OC = 590 > 6950 CF > 7970 stock but are all fine and 580 SLI is in a different league
    Overall 6990 is the only playable one followed by 7970 OC which is far weaker. 6950 CF is crap here, so is 580 SLI.

    Witcher 2
    6950 CF has average FPS better while 7970 OC has far more consistent FPS, better minimum FPS. Neither are playable though.
    Minimum 7970 OC > 6950 CF
    Average 6950 CF > 7970 OC
    Overall None, both are crap.

    So till now we have seen this:


    580 SLI
    The 7970 offers as consistent performance, sometimes more consistent performance but in most cases you are 15-30% faster than a 7970 OC. So unless you plan to water cool a 7970 and suffer some performance loss, a little noticeable, no single GPU solution would do you goo

    Many times a 7970 OC is faster/as fast/and sometimes slower in terms of minimum FPS or average FPS or both. Overall, a 7970 OC is a side grade and you will lose in some games, gain in some games, overall theoritical performance may be comparable but you will loose some overall. However, the experience would be better. But an upgrade isn't really required.

    6950 CF / 560 TI SLI
    A stock 7970 is about as fast as your card especially in terms of minimum FPS and provides a far more consistent and smooth experience. Once overclocked, you really can't compete because the 6900 series doesn't gain much FPS by overclock. However, it would still be a minor upgrade, more in terms of smoothness and consistency etc than in terms of absolute performance in each game. However, you don't loose anything in almost most cases by going to a single 7970 or 680 or even 7950 OC for that matter. It is an upgrade but not a big one. And more so felt under heavy load.

    6970 CF / 570 SLI
    Almost same as above. Not worth upgrading unless to a water cooled 7970 OC or 680 OC however you won't loose much either and in some respects you will gain smoothness and a better experience as well. However, sometimes you will lose FPS badly as well, but not most of the times.

    Anybody who owns 6870 CF or GTX 470 SLI or below should upgrade to a single 7970 OC or 680 OC and the upgrade will be worth it.

    680 VS 7970 NOW

    Difference of 5-10% is Tie here, since it isn't really noticeable, anything over 15% gain is a win.

    3D Mark 2011 Extreme
    680 is a bit better but not enough when both are stock.
    Once both are overclocked there is a tie.

    TIE with the 7970 being better (read about 10%) in both cases in all respects.

    Minimum Stock 680 is 15% better
    Average Stock Tie
    Minimum OC 7970 is at least 50% better
    Average OC 680 is like 15-20% better
    Winner Stock 680
    Winner OC 7970
    Winner Overall Tie

    Minimum Stock Tie
    Average Stock 680
    Minimum OC 680 about 10%
    Average OC 680
    Winner Stock Practically same with 680 a bit better
    Winner OC 680 but not realizable
    Winner Overall 680 but both are fine

    Dirt 3
    Minimum Stock 680 but both are above 70 FPS
    Average Stock 7970 is nearly 30% faster but both are perfect
    Minimum OC 7970 min > 680 average but not needed
    Average OC 7970 is much faster but not needed
    Winner Stock 7970 but practically tie
    Winner OC 7970
    Winner Overall 7970

    Minimum Stock Tie
    Average Stock Tie
    Minimum OC 7970 is like 15%+ faster
    Average OC Tie
    Winner Stock Tie
    Winner OC 7970
    Winner Overall 7970

    Mafia 2
    All cards maintain about 60 FPS or more as minimum at all times but the 680 is a lot lot lot faster whether overclocked or not, in fact a stock 680 competes with a OC 7970.
    Winner 680
    But since this is an old game and all run it fast enough, it isn't a mark of our future games

    Metro 2033
    A stock 7970 minimum FPS >= 680 OC average FPS
    Winner 7970
    But neither is very comfortable.

    Resident Evil Dx9
    About equal either way, but once overclocked 7970 is a bit faster, like 8-10% but not that much and all cards are over 100 FPS anyway.

    Resident Evil Dx10
    7970 OC > 10% faster than 680 OC as min FPS but since every card each case manages >100 FPS all the time, it is irrelevant.

    Unigine 0x AA
    Min FPS are a lot better with 680 in both cases, average are similar. However this card is playable on 680 stock (680 OC is slower) but not on 7970 OC but not by a huge margin, but still unplayable for many people.
    Winner is 680
    The only case till now where going from a 7970 OC to 680 stock makes sense if this was actually a game and if you were loosing those critical 10 FPS in minimum. Average is about same. But this is just a synthetic test and no point buying a card waiting for future games when they may or may not arrive :P

    Unigine 8x AA
    A 7970 is faster in both cases, OCed or not, respectively but not by much.
    So TIE

    Witcher 2
    680 OC = 680 stock = 7970 OC >>> 7970 stock but all unplayable
    Stock 680
    OC TIE
    Overall 680 but doesn't matter once overclocked.

    CONCLUSION (680 VS 7970)
    680 OC = 7970 OC Just a side grade. Don't expect better performance even in benchmarks. Often 7970 OC beats a 680 OC, especially once overclocked high enough. So if you want to participate in the fastest card in real word games, go for 7970 with water cooling.

    Sometimes one wins sometimes the other. On an average 680 stock is like 10-15% better than 7970 stock but those differences are not there once overclocked and it would be a very very rare situation that going from a 7970 to 680 would make your game feel faster or any better. 10-15% is so close that either it flies on both or sucks on both.

    Also, often 680 OC isn't too much better than 680 stock, not always but often. So if you want the max scores and wanna overclock for that, definitely 7970. If you want good performance out of the box with stock, definitely 680 even if the 680 costs $50 more.

    If you own a GTX 580 / 7870 (lol , consider upgrading to these 2 cards, 7950 stock is definitely slower than either of the two beats, but once overclocked you would better off wait for the next gen.



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    nice guide, i was wondering how those two will play out
    thanks dude!

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    You are welcome

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    Well played and good use of modern titles.

    Of course, this data would be hard to keep current as the drivers mature - but this is great baseline reference.
    I'm including it in my thought process -- which card (start single, add a second later when prices fall) to replace my GTX 470 SLI setup.

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    Thanks for the review. I bene using the 580. It runs cool and quite but I really have taxed it yet.

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    This is what i am looking for
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    Thank you so much!

    My wallet, for the time being is safe. I'll just OC my 570s and sit on them for another year or till the 700 series is out.
    BP ruined my dinner and my region. (yep, I'm still pissed!)

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    Thanks, nicely done. I plan to wait for the next gen. myself, I think the next big single card will be worth the switch from my 480's but time will tell.
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    Thanks for the review
    I would love to wait for the next series but I need a card to bench

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    Thank's, perfect comparison!

    could you post the gpu's clock in OC?

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