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    Gray Mole

    Anyone heard from him lately? been trying to contact him

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    Looks like he logged in yesterday. Hopefully he'll respond back to you via PM or in this thread. Is there something wrong?

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    Just some stuff about a SS, just cant seem to get in touch with him through email or PM isnt answering any of them,

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    So I saw he logged in again ealier after i have already PM'd him, emailed him, and have this post up and have heard nothing....and I paid for a SS....seems like I might have gotten the shaft....When he was supposed to ship it to me on the 20th to be here on the 24th and it is now the 31st and I have heard nothing from him.....

    I also msgd him over at as well where I also post, and saw he was on 1 hr ago, where I have messaged him probably around 5-6 times in the last 8 days....
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    I am sure he will get back to you. It is way to soon to be worrying. He may be just a little caught up and the forums was down for a day or more this week so who knows whats up.
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    I just spoke with Gray Mole on this and hopefully everything will be resolved shortly.
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