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Thread: LSI9266 4i and 8i are coming soon

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    LSI9266 4i and 8i are coming soon

    No doubt Paul has already got one in his test lab crunching numbers for us

    I see the pages are up at LSI for the SAS2208 based controller, shoot me if there is already news of this somewhere else.

    Eight internal SATA+SAS ports
    Two mini-SAS SFF-8087 x4 connectors – side mount
    6Gb/s throughput per port
    LSISAS2208 Dual Core ROC
    o 800MHz PowerPC®
    MD2 Low profile (6.6" X 2.536")
    x8 PCI Express 2.0 host interface
    1GB DDRIII cache (1333MHz)
    Optional CacheVault Module (LSICVM01)
    Optional battery backup unit (LSIiBBU09)
    Connect up to 128 SATA and/or SAS devices
    RAID levels 0, 1, 5 and 6
    RAID spans 10, 50 and 60

    Second generation 6Gb/s SATA+SAS with unprecedented levels of performance
    Ideal for internal storage environments using up to 128 SAS, SATA and solid state drives (SSDs)
    Unsurpassed IOPs performance and advanced software options help users realize full benefits of SSD deployments
    CacheVault technology option for greener, lower total cost cache protection
    Support for MegaRAID CacheCade® Pro 2.0 read/write caching software to accelerate I/O performance of existing HDD arrays using SSDs as high-performance cache.
    Meets high I/O transaction demands of database and datacenter applications
    Provides the sustained data transfer rates and high sequential bandwidth to meet processing requirements of digital media, video and imaging environments
    LSI9266-4i page - LSI9266-8i page

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    The 9266 is in the works as well of course, i will always favor raid controllers over all testing

    Things have been moving extremely quickly in the enterprise SSD space as well, bogged down with a long list of drives to get through, very fortunate that things have developed so quickly in that area
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    I wonder why they aren't using their 2308 controller?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kain665 View Post
    I wonder why they aren't using their 2308 controller?
    the LSI SAS2308 is their HBA controller.
    The only LSI card with the SAS2308 is the LSI9205-8e, which in reality is a LSI9200-8e with a dual core processor.

    The SAS2308 is now becoming reality on serverboards as replacements for the SAS2008 SAS controllers built onto the motherboard.
    ASRock Extreme11 and Tyan S7053 series boards have it build in.
    Lets hope they enable the abilty for the SAS2308 to use PCIe 3.0

    Now will LSI make a replacement LSI9240 with the SAS2308

    The next generation of controller will be the SAS3008 (SAS3/SATA4) version of the LSI 9240/9211 range
    And the SAS3108 replacing the SAS2108/2208 as in the LSI9260/9265
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    No PCIe 3.0 and why the hell didn't we get CacheCade Pro with the 9265-8i?

    I'm thinking the PCIe 3.0 Adaptec card will be worth looking at before too long. Hopefully the consumer side slows down before Computex so I can play with more enterprise hardware.

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    I think I'll wait for a PCIe 3.0 controller from LSI.
    (already got a few 9260's and a 9265, not really happy about the CacheCade/FP situation)



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