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Thread: Xtreme Hold'Em - Aftermath

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    The Xtreme Hold'Em event was a huge success!

    Jake Crimmins from Corsair won the event taking home cash and prizes that he passed on to other guys in random acts of kindness. At one point Jake had 3 GTX 580's that he gave away at the final table. I believe he also gave away one of his grand prizes, the Helix edition case.

    A huge thanks to the sponsors Intel, Thanks Dan for dropping by. Thanks Asus, even though we missed on Ronaldo attending/overclocking you were there with product. MSI, Thanks for being there supporting us year after year, Thanks Rita from Gigabyte dropped in with products, Kingston hooked up the OC gathering with HyperX memory and SSD's, OCZ hooked up two lucky winners with SSD's who knocked out Michael Graf from competition. Corsair was there in force, Robert Pearce lasted more than the expected 15 minutes. Gabe from Swiftech brought his new gaming rig with lots of thermal paste samples for everyone, Biostar hooked up the top three with new motherboards, FrozenCPU with the grand prize was on display, many people drooled all over it. Nvidia omg Nvidia, also came in force where I expected Thomas A. Petersen to win but Dwight played into final table, thanks Leslie and Bryan for play as well passing out many SLI pairs of cards along the way. Ramsom Koay from Thermaltake and Eddie Vong from Cyberpower Pc arrived late but warmly welcomed, Thanks Eddie for hooking Jake up with a new gaming laptop. Just having Ramsom truly made the event. Koolance for the watercooling goodness that went to the second place (a killer dual pump/res with CPU-370), and Ollie from Futuremark was in attendance playing.

    Posershadow came in second place, taking home cash and prizes exceeding the $20 entry fee, well played.

    Movieman knocked out Tom Peterson, winning him a pair of GTX 570 video cards. Grats Dave.

    As promised, Jake's picture is going on the wall at Caesars Palace poker room.

    Event pictures posted @
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    Awesome Glad to hear it was a success.

    If you have a cooling question or concern feel free to contact me.

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    wow, what a generous guy.
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    Sounds like a ringing success.

    Hey Dave: when you get home, you should try gaming!
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