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Thread: 3dm2001 new ATI tweak/trick to gain up to 3000+ points

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    3dm2001 new ATI tweak/trick to gain up to 3000+ points

    My first thread here , hopefully with very good use. Tested for few days one tweak/trick , guess is more a trick then tweak , but important thing is that it gave up to almost 3000+ points for me with my HD 4890 graphic card allowing me for a WR , so I call it the err0r trick , . The trick is to change the driver used for runs without rebooting the system , I tried and it worked after some testing order. I saw that in comparison the 11.11c driver gave me better frames for DL/LL/DH/LH/CL while CH and N worked much better (especially N) with 9.4 driver. First I tried my classic order DL/LL/CH/DH/LH/N/CL (CL few times more after first printscreen to get that lucky run) with switching drivers between the runs , so after DL/LL on 11.11c I installed 9.4 for CH and then installed again 11.11c for DH/LL , installed 9.4 for N but this time even if the gpuz indicate that the current driver was 9.4 the driver wasn't applied cause the frames were identically to 11.11 (much worse than 9.4). I tried different order starting with N (9.4) then DL/LL with 11.11c and after installed 9.4 for CH but this time I got an error in 3dm2001 saying something about the driver. After that I thought that changing/installing the driver too many times start to bring errors to the system and finally tried the winning combo , started with 9.4 CL/N , then installed 11.11c for all the rest and it worled !!! Tested at the same frequencies as the comparison ones to see the improve and gave me 2500+ points in combo mode and this allowed me for a WR in 3dm2001 with HD 4890 beating cards runing subzero , . My best previous score was 24048 and after the trick it went to 26873 and there is room for more as I didn't reached my video card limit on water , . This trick can be applied to all 4xxx series and for sure to others as well , including NVidia cards , I tested some with NVidia but not as much as with this one , anyway will test it soon on NVidia as well.
    First screens with comparison between frames with 9.4 , 11.11c drivers , same order , same frequencies and then the combo score and last screen the best score so far , also did a movie with the complete run for this WR to show exactly what I did.
    Unfortunately cannot upload pics , XS doesn't allow me , , but this is the link to hwbot forum where I upload it as well


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    Great first post, very good work.

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    great find! mabye in the future, same can be applied to 7970 when ati straightens out their drivers a bit more.
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    Nice share, anyway

    this i call lucky trick with 4890, here :

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    Not sure If this should be called tweak or exploit, lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by wez View Post
    Not sure If this should be called tweak or exploit, lol
    Neither, it's called being Xtremely dedicated to milking every last iota of performance thru whatever means necessary Seriously though, how many of us have even thought of this? Now that is Xtreme dedication to maximum performance there.
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